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**Align-right the labels in the attributes' table in the product page**

==== Align-right the labels in the attributes’s table (instead of default align-left) in the product page ====:

IMHO. it is more eye-pleasing and more readable for the customers

to have the labels at the left-side of the Attributes’ table

aligned-right, instead of their default aligned-left.

For the above purpose, go to

skin → front-end → default → default → css → boxes.css

at line 975 in the Product Collateral section and

add, inside the curly brackets of the original code

.product-collateral .attribute-specs .label { font-weight:bold; }

the following

text-align:right; margin-right:3px;

so that the final line should look like this:

.product-collateral .attribute-specs .label { text-align:right; margin-right:3px; font-weight:bold; }

The 975 new code line should be same as the one in the below image

(the grayed text in the 2 previous lines is a note of what we have done, for future reference ):

and the Labels in the Attributes’ Table in the front-end will look like this