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Configuring worldwide shipping rates in magento can be little tricky. Ive just finally manage to set up shipping rates and heres how Ive done it.

Firstly You’ll need csv file to edit. You can download it from System/configuration/shipping methods/table rates/ . To be able to download file Youll have to switch shop view (in top left drop-down menu) to Your main website.

To edit file You can use Excel/openoffice calc. I prefer to use Notepad++( to be sure no other formatting is being applied to csv file.

Under first row, which describe columns name, You have rates. I use 2 digit country codes but You can use 3 digit ones.

Under following link you find all country codes in various formats:

Even better You can see all codes in magento database in “directory_country” table.

In my file I have such entrances:







(It isnt my full table of rates just an example)

The trickies part I found neccesarry to sucesfully create fully working shipping rates in magento was to set MINIMUM weight to something more that 0. You can see minimum weight are set to US,*,*,0.0100,81.5000

All shipping rates are then stored in magento database in “shipping_tablerate” table.


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