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As you probably know, reviews on product pages keep shoppers on your site and lead to substantial increase in conversion rates. A big part of the success of commercial websites such as Amazon is driven by the many consumer reviews they display on each product.

Most shopping cart platforms offer a built-in reviews feature. However, there are 2 challenges with reviews for small and mid-size ecommerce sites:

Getting your shoppers to leave reviews to achieve a critical mass of reviews Getting consumers to trust the reviews on you site Generate more reviews

Yotpo has been designed from the ground up to maximize the amount of reviews on your site. Leaving a review with Yotpo is a simple, fun and social experience similar to posting on Facebook.

Increase your review trust factor

With the Yotpo platform, your shoppers can see the real social identity and level of expertise of your reviewers. This results in higher conversion rates and return visits because we trust friends and experts.

Have an amazing social experience

Leverage the social graph of your customers to both the benefit of other consumers and you as a website. Automatically engage with your customers on FB and Twitter using the Yotpo social review system.

Free to Use

Yotpo is free to use for all users, but offers premium plans with upgraded features.

Fully Integrated Facebook and Twitter

Yotpo system enables you to connect your site social account so every review that is published is also automatically published to your social accounts and increases your word to mouth exposure

YOTPO’s web based reviews system can be up and running in your site with a quick and easy 2 minute installation. Let your users write and search reviews in a fun, simple and social way. Plus, give them a great reason to return to your store for future purchases and reviews.

Full Customization

Yotpo’s system enables you to start building your social graph of reviewers, measure your exact ROI in terms of money and engagement. Yotpo’s system even gives each reviewer an analytic tool, which provides valuable info about the reviewer true reach and influence.

Quality reviews about your products within minutes Detailed analysis on your ROI Social reviews for your users We Are Here to Help!

Yotpo is extremely focus on customer service and we are here for every step of the installation and everyday use of the app.


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