How-To Implement Paypal Payments Pro into Magento - SANDBOX

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Not sure if I should post this here, but I finally got Paypal Websites Payment PRO working in the Sandbox and I thought I should share with everyone.

First you will need to signup for a developer account:

Click on the Sign Up Now button and follow the instructions to completely create your developer account. Once you have successfully created your account, login.

Once logged in, click on the “Test Account” link on the left hand side. There are 2 options when creating these test accounts: Preconfigured and Create Manually. I would recommend going with the preconfigured option since that is going to be the easiest. Once you click on preconfigured, there are 2 account types you can choose from: Seller and Buyer. We are going to be creating a Buyer account so we take payments through Paypal’s Sandbox. For the email address I just put my first initial and my last name: rvelton. And of course, create a password that you will remember later.

Once you create your seller account type you will need to enable the account and create some credentials for that account. These are the credentials we are going to input into the Magento Admin (System → Configuration → Paypal) After the account is successfully created we are going to need to Enable the account. Under the column “Test Mode” is should say “Disabled”. Click on the disabled link and the page should reload now showing Enabled. Now click on the API Credentials Link on the left side menu, you should see your test seller account listed here with a username, password and signature.

  • API Username:
  • API Password: 8596847354
  • Signature: KGwIl7aBoecvVzrmGwNxWDrxJ6i3BEoyoQHG6pT0V..QsSi2iFZFwsfT

(The above was changed so you will need to get your own) Copy and Paste YOUR credentials into the appropriate fields into the Magento Admin under the Paypal Configuration Section (Website Payments Pro). YOU MUST HAVE THE SANDBOX OPTION SET TO YES. I also have the Debug option set to yes.

There is one final step you will need to do before your test account is activated. Click back to the Test Accounts tab in the Paypal Developers website. Select the radio button next to your test seller account and click the “Enter Sandbox Test Site” button. This will take you to the Paypal Sandbox website with your seller test email address filled in. Type in your password and login to your test seller account. Towards the bottom of the page there is a 3 step setup process. 1 should be competed (Sign up for a Businesss Account). 2 should be completed (Verify your information). 3 should be MOSTLY completed and you will need to click the GO button for the Accept Billing Agreement. It will say that you agree to the $30 charge, but of course they are not going to charge you for testing. Complete that agreement and then your Paypal test account should be setup and good to go.

You should be able to fill up a shopping cart and use the credit card payment option to complete the transaction. Here is a test credit card that I have used:

  • Name on Card: Any Name
  • Type: VISA
  • Card #: 4485362859528762
  • CVV #: 528
  • Expiration Date: Jan 09

I hope this make sense for most people and I will check back to try and answer questions. Also, if this needs to be moved to another forum, I am sorry for posting here.

NOTE: The Paypal Developer and Sandbox site is INCREDIBLY slow. You are going to need a great deal of patience and hitting the back button a lot to resubmit your forms. GOOD LUCK!

For Paypal URL that points to their sandbox use: