Use Magento connect to export products to VTiger

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Exporting products from Magento into VTiger CRM is as easy as 123! or 1. 2. 3. 4. ..

I will lay out for you how to do it. Both VTiger and Magento offer you the opportunity to create custom attribute sets for your product, Magento Connect will export these sets and VTiger can import into them. Magento is still working on invoices, and VTiger already offers these and a very robust array of features such as webmail, calendar, contact management as well as free application plug-ins etc.

So on to the how-to:

1. Under Magento Admin, go to System → Import/Export → Profiles

2. Click on Add a new profile and fill in the values as shown below, any filename will do, but the directory values will have to meet your own sites requirements. We don’t need to specify any custom fields as they just serve to confuse V-Tiger more anyway. It is important that the file be exported as CSV, the default values otherwise are fine.

3. After all of the fields are filled in click on Save, and it should bring you back to a screen with a saved profile.

4. At the end of the profile, click on “Run Profile in Popup” and the profile will appear. This is what it looks like if all goes well.

5. With your favorite FTP application, locate the saved file and download it.

6. Within VTiger, under the sales header, click on the icon with the down arrow, this is the symbol for “import” You will see this screen, browse to the csv you downloaded and it will appear here. After that, click next.

7. You will now see all of the headers from the .csv from Magento, they do not all line up nicely with VTiger requirements, but that’s okay, just being able to import these products will save you hours of data entry. These two screenshots show you the post import VTiger screen. Once you are done deciding how you want VTiger to handle this data, make sure you save how you did it so you can quickly import this data in the future.

8. Now you can see your products have been added, making it that much easier to make an invoice in VTiger for your customer.