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Use Dataflow profiles if your products don’t have attributes.

If they do use this but make sure your host lets you have plenty of script time and choose at least one item to filter by. Export all before an import to see the set-up

Images you can upload into media/import/ then have the image /image.jpg don’t forget the / in front. A good policy is to name all your images by the sku number and to do this simply use excel or any spreadsheet and put =A1&”.jpg” in all the cells for the images including thumb and small. Also a good trick for importing is to remove all charectors that mess web pages and servers up /?*# and replace them with - or _ to do that to a cell =”/”&SUBSTITUTE(A1,” “,”-”)&”.jpg” replaces all spaces with a dash minus sign for example and adds the .jpg to the end.

So SKU in cell A1 “AS 12342” becomes “/AS-12342.jpg” upload an image called AS-12342.jpg to media/import/

Then paste it all the way down all your cells save the file as csv upload it to var/import/ and run Dataflow import all products

There is also an expensive import export tool in Connect which you select from you System menu.

Mike at hebblethwaite.com