Import Customers with csv file

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The import customers mapping tool is buggy and I don’t recommend using it. There are fields that you will want to use that aren’t set up properly and some not present at all. It is also misleading in that it has things labeled as ‘db field’ when you are not actually mapping to db fields. Instead, you are mapping your file columns to hardcode “keys” from expected “key/value” pairs in the import code. For example, there is a mapping to “group”, but the code is looking for you to have a row with the label “group_id”. I was instead able to modify the column titles in my csv to match what the code was expecting and I got the import working using the following column titles:

group_id firstname lastname billing_city billing_firstname billing_lastname billing_postcode billing_region billing_street1 billing_telephone billing_country email is_subscribed website

Note, there is a “shipping” analog to each of the “billing” items (for example, shipping_postcode, shipping_street1).

Also, for the street address fields, the system labels them as “shipping_street1”, “shipping_street2”... “shipping_street8”.