How to automatically import simple grouped and configurable products

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Before all, download the script files here

1) Create a new advanced profile

1.1) (System→Import/Export→Advanced Profiles) → Add New Profile

1.2) You can use “Productimport” as Profile Name

1.3) Insert the following text as Actions XML

<action type="dataflow/convert_adapter_io" method="load">
    <var name="type">file</var>
    <var name="path">var/import</var>
    <var name="filename"><![CDATA[name_of_my_impor_file.csv]]></var>
    <var name="format"><![CDATA[csv]]></var>

<action type="dataflow/convert_parser_csv" method="parse">
    <var name="delimiter"><![CDATA[,]]></var>
    <var name="enclose"><![CDATA["]]></var>
    <var name="fieldnames">true</var>
    <var name="store"><![CDATA[0]]></var>
    <var name="number_of_records">1</var>
    <var name="decimal_separator"><![CDATA[.]]></var>
    <var name="adapter">catalog/convert_adapter_productimport</var>
    <var name="method">parse</var>

1.4) Change “name_of_my_impor_file.csv” string with the name of your CVS file (eg. products.csv)

1.5) Click on Save Profile button and, when the advanced profile list is displayed, take note of the new profile ID (it should be 7 if no profiles were created before)

2) Upload “Productimport.php” file to /var/www/magento/app/code/local/Mage/Catalog/Model/Convert/Adapter/ folder (you should create the folder)

2.1) Look for the following line:

$rootId = 2; // our store's root category id

in your copy of Productimport.php and change with the ID of your root category.

3) Copy the “cron_import_products.php” file in the Magento root folder (eg /var/www/magento/) and make it executable (chmod +x cron_import_products.php)

3.1) Look for the following line:


in your copy of cron_import_products.php and change with the profile ID you have taken note at step 1.5)

4) Add a cron job to execute the import script periodically, something like “00 0 * * * root /var/www/magento/cron_import_products.php”

5) Prepare the CVS file with the following columns:


6) When you want to update your Magento store, you need to upload your CSV file to /var/www/magento/media/import/ folder.


(thank you very much to mageuser by this excellent wiki ^_^)