How Do I Create a 10 Dollar off Coupon

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If you want to create a $10 off discount you’re going to want to set up a shopping cart price rule. You can do it either with or without a coupon code, but I like to use a coupon code so that people have an incentive to sign up for my newsletter.

First set up your rule information, the Knowledge Base covers this pretty well so I will just copy it here (with some edits from their version, which covered a 10% discount):

“First enter a rule name and description. Once those are in we select Yes for Enabled.

You then need to select which store the coupon will be good for. In this case we want to give customers in all stores the benefit of the $10 off discount, so we select all options for the stores and the customer groups. You select multiple items by holding Ctrl while selecting.

We are then going to make the Rule applied only with a coupon code, so we enter our code. If a code is not entered the rule will take effect once the customer reaches the cart without any action taken. (NOTE: I like to use memorable codes, but ones a little harder for people not on the newsletter to figure out. So something like summer10 instead of 10off).

Now we have Uses Per Coupon and Uses Per Customer. In this case we want to create a sense of urgency, so the coupon can only be used 100 times. We then set the Uses Per Customer to 1, so each customer will only be able to use the coupon once.

We then enter the dates the coupon is valid for and select the priority of the coupon. In this case we keep the priority as 0, the highest priority. If you remember from the Catalog Price Rules, the priority is used when you have 2 Rules applying to the same products. The rule with the highest priority (lowest number) will take effect first.”

You then need to select which products the coupon will be available for from the Matching Products. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory, if not check out the Knowledge Base article

Then just go to the actions tab, select Fixed Amount from the dropdown, enter your value, in this case 10, enter a max quantity if you want it to only take effect on a limited quantity of the matching products and click save. All done.