How to really easy create a configurable product

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First, create some attributes you want to use, i have taken three attributes, motor, servo, deko. They should be global and drop-down. Create the “answers” for your attribues, b.e.

  • motor : None, Brushless, Brushless with prop
  • servo : None, 2xcheap, 2xexpensive
  • deko : None, colored tape

Put these attribues into a new attribute-set depending on default-set, remove any attribues you dont want and add the three new ones.

Create a configurable product depending on your new attribute-set. Choose only the three new attributes. Then give the information for the main-product, name, description, pricing and so on. Save the product.

Choose the new created product and go to Linked products. Now you see a new button there to easily create new simple-products. You can choose all combinations that are possible for the attribues and create an simpe product for each combination automatically. Some lines lower you can add prices to the options and change the Texts to show for the attributes. (B.e. Brushless : 50 Euro, Brushless with Prop 60 Euro, 15 Euros for Cheap servos, 36 Euros for expensive ones, 5 Euro for Decoration-Material)

When all possible simple products are created (18 pieces), save the product.

You don’t have to duplicate any product when following this example...

It is ready to be sold...