How to Create a Downloadable Product

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Make sure that you have upgraded to the latest Magento version.

We assume that you know how to add a simple product in Magento.

Login as Admin and select System → Configuration → Catalog → Downloadable Product Options. Set the “Order Item Status to enable Downloads” to Pending and Save then click on the Save button.

Then go to the main menu at the top and click on Catalog → Manage Products

Then click on the “Add New Product” button.

Complete the info as you would a simple product, make sure that you add an INVENTORY QUANTITY, and set the item price to 0.00, this is very important, and make the item to be IN STOCK. Before you add the DOWNLOADABLE INFORMATION, click on the SAVE AND CONTINUE BUTTON, this will create the correct link ID’s for the product and the item you want to upload. Once the save operation has completed click on the DOWNLOADABLE INFORMATION tab and then click the Links tab. On the Title textbox type the name of the album that the song belongs, to this would be the same as the title of the product, e.g Artist Name - Album Name.

Now click on the ADD NEW ROW button to add the song title to be downloaded.

TITLE= Name of the song e.g. 01. Song Title, PRICE= The price of the song, leave all the other setting as default.

Then click on the File ... button to locate and upload the song, I suggest you zip the song before uploading it, just to compress the size.

Then click on the upload button and wait for the song to upload, it will be complete when there is no orange or red border around the song title. Once that is done click on the SAVE AND CONTINUE BUTTON.

The product is now correctly created and should be available for purchase. If you want them to hear a sample of the song, create a 30sec version of the song and upload it under Sample on the ... button next to the File upload option, Make sure that you click the SAVE AND CONTINUE BUTTON each time you upload a sample or a complete mp3 file or it will give you an error.

If you server host is running suPHP make sure that the media → downloadable → directories have 0755 permission or you will get a nasty white screen with scrambled text.

Now simply do a test purchase to see if it has worked for you.