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1. Create the Category Structure

In Catalog > Manage Categories, create your basic category structure. This should minimally consist of a root category containing one sub-category. For example:

  - Default Category
  -- Category 1

2. Make Desired Categories Visible

For each category you want to appear in the menu, select the category and set “Is Active” to yes. (e.g. Category 1 > General Information > Is Active > Yes) For more information about categories, visit the Index page.

3. Set Root Category

The root category will not be visible in the menu, but any active categories it contains will.

Depending on how you installed Magento, Category 1 may already be showing in the menu at this point. If it is not, go to System > Manage Stores > Main Website Store (or other store name). Set Root Category to be the root category you want to use.


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