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Magento Database Diagrams 1.0.x & 1.1.x

Sample Magento Database Diagram sample database diagram

Full-size Magento database diagrams can be downloaded here.

Diagram Scope

Database diagrams and documents found on this page are intended to mirror the database schema as defined by Varien.

Table relationships depicted in the diagrams represent only those relationships explicitly defined in the schema by Varien. Additional table relationships exist so caution should be taken when modifying the schema or directly manipulating data. Where naming conventions are concerned, database version 1.0 is very consistent. Version 1.1.x is also quite consistent with a few exceptions with the new tables (likely a different DBA making changes). The task of identifying additional relationships should be relatively straight forward for experienced developers.

Diagram Format

The database diagram is a searchable PDF document. Table and column objects can be located within a diagram using Acrobat’s search capabilities.

Diagram Printing

If you choose to print the database diagram it is recommended you do so across multiple pages. The number of pages will depend on the level of detail required and the quality of your printer.

A general guideline for setting the print scale in Adobe Acrobat:

To see text at the TABLE level requires 2×2 pages or greater (approx scale 45%)

To see text at the COLUMN level requires 4×4 pages or greater (approx scale 85%)

Printing across multiple pages(based on Acrobat 8.1 Pro - options may vary by version):

  1. Open Acrobat print dialog
  2. Select a printer
  3. Locate the Page Scaling option and select “Tile all pages”
  4. Locate the Tile Scale value and set your desired value (see above)
  5. Locate the Overlap value and enter a value of 10 (optional)

I recommend printing the first page to verify you can see what you need to see before printing the entire document.

Magento Database Downloads

Database Diagram Files for Magento v1.0, v1.0.19700, & v1.0.19870 — [Updated 2008_05_01]
File Name File Description
MAGENTO v1.0.19700 - Database Diagram.pdfPDF DB Diagram - Color
MAGENTO v1.0.19700 - Database Diagram_BW.pdfPDF DB Diagram - Black&White
MAGENTO v1.0.19700 - Database Diagram 3×3.pdfPDF DB Diagram - 9 Page Fmt
MAGENTO v1.0.19700 - Database Diagram 4×4.pdfPDF DB Diagram - 16 Page Fmt
MAGENTO v1.0.19700 - Database Objects.xlsDatabase Object Spreadsheet
MAGENTO v1.0.19700 - Database Schema [SpacedFormat].sqlMagento Schema
Database Diagram Files for Magento v1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, & 1.1.4 — [Updated 2008_07_29]
File Name File Description
MAGENTO v1.1.1 - Database Diagram.pdfPDF DB Diagram - Color
MAGENTO v1.1.1 - Database Schema.sqlMagento Schema SQL
Database Diagram Files for Magento v1.1.6 — [Updated 2008_09_17]
File Name File Description
MAGENTO_v1.1.6—Database_Diagram.pdfPDF DB Diagram - Color

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