Set up Magento backend on a separate node

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That is article describes how to handle access to Magento backend, include how to set up backend on a separate node.

Version used for sample config:

Change backend path entity

This will change name of path entity used to get access to backend.

Edit “app/etc/local.xml” and change

 # <frontName><![CDATA[admin]]></frontName>

to something you like

 # <frontName><![CDATA[hidden_path]]></frontName>

and then clear Magento cache in backend.

After that backend will be accessible through such URL:


Configure domain for backend access to the same node

If you want just set up different domain for your backend and use some VirtualHost related features like HTTP auth for your domain, access by IP you can do this with “Custom admin path”.


it MUST be the same Magento installation with the same document root as for frontend. In other case it will break your Magento installation.

Configure backend on separate node

1. Change

"System->Configuration->General->Web->URL Options->Auto-redirect to Base URL" to "No"

- cron - media - cache Magento allows to configure access to backend in a couple way: