Set up Magento backend on a separate node

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That is article describes how to handle access to Magento backend, include how to set up backend on a separate node.

Version used for sample config:

Options for admin access

Magento allows to configure access to backend in a couple way:

1. You change default path to admin in local.xml from

# <frontName><![CDATA[admin]]></frontName>

to something you like

# <frontName><![CDATA[hidden_path]]></frontName>

and then clear Magento cache in backend.

This will change name of entity used to get access to backend. After that backend will be accessible through such URL:


2. You can configure domain and path where backend will be accessible. You can do that with “Custom admin path”. There are two ways:

- it will be the same Magento installation with the same document root as for frontend - it will be separate server node

The same document root for admin as for frontend

1. Change “System→Configuration→General→Web→URL Options→Auto-redirect to Base URL” to “No”

- cron - media - cache