Magento upgrade from previous 1.3 to 1.4.2 plus (For layout changes)

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This guideline will insure you have a stable version of your site installed with the newest version of Magento software. This is meant for upgrade from pre 1.4 who do not have the base folder in there install.

This should be a complete list of items for upgrading the production database, rolling out the new codebase, and transferring DNS resolution to the new Magento instance.


  1. Identify and list modules to go to upgraded version
  2. Identify theme components to transfer
  3. Identify external components that need to function with new version, review on Magento integration options (i.e. does it make sense to make the external app a Magento app or leave it as an external app)
  4. Tarball catalog and move to new CE site

Database Upgrade

  1. Export Live database to an SQL dump file (db-2011-MM-DD-pre.sql)
  2. Transfer db-2011-MM-DD-pre.sql to the dedicated database upgrade server and imported into the local MySQL instance
  3. Execute nohup php index.php > log-2011-06-DD_1 &
  4. Let process run until finished
  5. Re-index site
  6. Export Upgraded database to an SQL dump file (db-2011-MM-DD-post.sql)
  7. Transfer db-2011-MM-DD-post.sql to the production machine and import into the local MySQL instance

Post Upgrade

  1. Correct Store Issues (Update so admin can login!)
  2. Execute necessary scripts
  3. Enter Admin panel and set the following configuration values:
  4. Themes and packages set to default
  5. Refresh cache and indexes
  6. Turn on “Display out of stock products” System>Configuration>Catalog>Inventory>Stock Options: Display out of Stock Products to “Yes”
  7. Update CMS Page and Static Blocks
  8. Set order number higher


  1. Switch the Apache vhost references to point to the new instance, disable the old instance
  2. Restart Apache
  3. Site is now live

Brent W Peterson 2011/08/12 18:44