Installing at root with Macintosh using Full Release - .htaccess issues

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This is for anyone copying all of the files to their root from a Mac computer. If your mac isn’t set up to see ‘invisible’ files, you will not be copying the .htaccess file to your server. This means your links won’t work and the only way to log in to the admin panel is to put index.php/admin as the address.

One solution is to just upload the compressed file, and then using FTP move the files out of the Magento folder into the root.

The other method is to somehow open the .htaccess file on your machine or after decompressing in FTP and opening through FTP, then copying the contents, pasting into a .txt file, upload to your root and then change the name to .htaccess via FTP.

I know for a lot of people this is obvious but for designers who are not as code oriented this could save you a whole lot of heartache. I was trying to fix this problem for days including re-installing and none of the forums seemed to have the solution.