Installation types and installation

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Types of installation

We’ll go through all the methods available for the installation of Magento, to extend our knowledge. It’s not necessary to know all of them, but it will help us discover our preferred methods and the one which moulds itself to our development practices the best.

There are four methods of installation available for Magento:

  • Manual—manually downloading and uploading all files needed
  • Downloader—downloading a script for some of the files which when uploaded and run, will download the rest.
  • SSH—connecting to the server via shell and running a set number of commands which will download, unzip, and set all the file permissions correctly for us
  • Subversion (SVN)—checking out or exporting from the repository to our server, before committing to the local directory where we would like our installation


This method of installation is dubbed Manual, as we will have to do all the downloading and uploading ourselves. None of the other methods make us do this and will automate at least small parts of the process. Unfortunately, not everybody’s server environment allows the use of the other methods for various reasons. So, the Manual method is vital for those stubborn or restricted hosting environments where we have no other choice.


We’ll start by going to the Magento Commerce download page online, at