addons on CentOS 4.3

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To install magentoo on CentOS 4.3 . Had to face some problems with the installation One of the requirement for magentoo is it needs PHP 5.2 or more . CentOS 4.4 has by default PHP 4.3.9 I was not able to upgrade direclty to PHP 5.2 using the link

It was giving some dependency problems like –> Processing Dependency: for package: php-mysql –> Finished Dependency Resolution Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package php-mysql Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package php-mysql

Now at this stage , I edited “CentOS-Base.repo” enabled [centosplus]

gave yum update php

now I have to install the PHP extensions/addons

1> yum install php-pdo

2> yum install php-mcrypt

3> yum install php-mhash

4> wget

  rpm -ivh php-simplexml-5.0.4-1.SoS.i586.rpm 

5> yum install php-gd

6> wget

  rpm -ivh php-dom-5.0.4-3.SoS.i586.rpm


 rpm -ivh php-iconv-5.0.4-1.SoS.i586.rpm

Now u are ready with the required PHP extensions for magento installation on Centos 4.3