Magento White Papers

The resources below provide insights into how Magento Enterprise Edition can meet the performance and growth needs of even the most demanding eCommerce businesses.

The Total Economic Impact of the Magento Enterprise eCommerce Platform: A Forrester Commissioned Study

The TEI study from Forrester provides third party validation of Magento Enterprise Edition’s scalability, superior TCO, positive impact on revenue growth, and a significant 3-year risk-adjusted ROI against implementation and ongoing maintenance and development costs.

Understanding Magento Cloud Hosting

Thousands of Magento merchants use cloud hosting to power their eCommerce site infrastructure, taking advantage of cloud hosting’s potential economic advantages and flexibility. However there are some limitations you need to be aware of, and important steps you need to take when deploying to the cloud.

Better understand the pros and cons of cloud hosting and gain insight into best practices for deploying Magento in the cloud.

Optimizing Magento for Peak Performance:
Configuring Enterprise Edition for Greater Processing Power and Improved Response Times
Topics Include:
  • Performance Metrics
  • Testing Methodology and Configuration
  • Hardware & Software Specifications
  • Caching Architecture

Maximizing Performance and Scalability with Magento Enterprise Edition
Topics Include:
  • Performance Metrics and Testing Methodology
  • Hardware, Network and Software Stack Considerations
  • Magento Configuration Tips
  • Database Configuration and Management
  • Web Server and Session Handling
  • Accelerating PHP and Scalability