Magento Translations

Below are the current available translations for Magento's default interface, per locale. If you don't see your locale below and/or would like to get involved, please contact us.

Here are three methods of translating Magento into a locale.

  1. The inline translation method uses the inline translation tool and allows you to edit the pages on a Magento Demo site.
  2. The Full String list method allows you to translate the text per module, without needing to go through the pages on a Magento Demo site
  3. The download option allows you use CSV files to translate the text by module. The moderator will then be able to upload the files. This method does not share the same database as the first two until the files are uploaded by the moderator.


Locale Information

Arabic (Saudi Arabia) / ar_SA
Complete Locale Translation Status: 100.00%
Total Rows: 6034
Translated Rows: 6026
Email templates count: 35
Email templates translated: 35

Entries 61-90 of 243111
Module Original String Translation Actions
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Mage_Sendfriend Message: نص الرسالة: Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Name الاسم Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Name: الاسم: Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Recipient: المستقبل: Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Remove Email احذف الايميل Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Select email template اختر قالبا للرسالة Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Send email ارسل الرسالة Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Send product to a friend ارسل منتجا لصديق Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Sender: المرسل: Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Some emails was not sent لم يتم ارسال بعض الرسائل Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend Some problems with data. بعض المشاكل بالبيانات. Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend You cannot email this product to a friend لا يمكنك ارسال هذا المنتج لصديق Suggestions (0)
Mage_Sendfriend You cannot send more than %d times in an hour لا يمكنك ارسال اكثر من %d مره فى الساعة Suggestions (0)
Mage_Bundle --Select-- --اختيار-- Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Add New Option اضف خيارا جديدا Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Add Selection إضافة اختيار Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle As low as قليل بدرجة Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Bundle Items عناصر الحزمة Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Bundle Product منتجات الحزمة Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Buy %1$s with %2$s discount each شراء %1$s مع %2$s خصم للكل Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Checkbox مربع اختيار Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Choose a selection... حدد اختيارا... Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Close إنهاء Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Default إفتراضي Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Default Qty كمية إفتراضية Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Default Title عنوان إفتراضي Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Drop-down المنسدلة Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Dynamic ديناميكي Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Excl. Tax بدون ضرائب Suggestions (1)
Mage_Bundle Fixed ثابت Suggestions (1)
Entries 61-90 of 243111