Magento Translations

Below are the current available translations for Magento's default interface, per locale. If you don't see your locale below and/or would like to get involved, please contact us.

Here are three methods of translating Magento into a locale.

  1. The inline translation method uses the inline translation tool and allows you to edit the pages on a Magento Demo site.
  2. The Full String list method allows you to translate the text per module, without needing to go through the pages on a Magento Demo site
  3. The download option allows you use CSV files to translate the text by module. The moderator will then be able to upload the files. This method does not share the same database as the first two until the files are uploaded by the moderator.


Language Status Maintainer
Afrikaans (South Africa) 0.82% CharlesM Select
Albanian (Albania) 13.40%  --  Select
Arabic (Algeria) 0.72% superyms, ShopGo Select
Arabic (Egypt) 30.27% Ahmed Abdelsalam, ShopGo Select
Arabic (Kuwait) 29.24% superyms, Ahmed Mahmoud, ShopGo Select
Arabic (Morocco) 66.45% imatjar Select
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) 100.00% ShopGo Select
Armenian (Eastern) 1.73% Mosses Akizian, Voskan Select
Armenian (Western) 0.10% Mosses Akizian Select
Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan) 17.30% rashadex Select
Basque (Basque) 0.10%  --  Select
Belarusian (Belarus) 3.34% Aliaksandr Astapenka Select
Bengali (Bangladesh) 0.08% glaDiator, simpass Select
Bosnian (Bosnia) 23.77% Hobitnjak Select
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) 86.13% SecretR, Antonio_ Select
Catalan (Catalonia) 87.66% Snamor, jesteve Select
Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) 0.64% 3firelegs Select
Chinese Simplified (China) 99.87% Ryan Sun _Kuafu, Bysoft, Paul Morris, lotusseedsD, old_taoist Select
Chinese Traditional (Taiwan) 65.69% magnetox Select
Croatian (Croatia) 61.77% Predrag Select
Czech (Czech Republic) 97.96% iguru Select
Danish (Denmark) 95.55% MadsK, crius Select
Dutch (Netherlands) 97.68% Chantal, Dock05, Gui Select
English (Australian) 66.04% Fontis Select
English (United Kingdom) 66.63%  --  Select
English (United States) 98.04%  --  Select
Estonian (Estonia) 47.70%  --  Select
Filipino (Philippines) 0.10%  --  Select
Finnish (Finland) 77.69% aarne, Alpha, Lemonline Select
French (Canada) 66.06% pictogram Select
French (France) 99.95% SeL_ Select
Galician(Galician) 85.86% picans Select
Georgian (Georgia) 16.13% Malkhaz Select
German (Austria) 0.13%  --  Select
German (Germany) 90.76% Rico_Neitzel, novalis Select
German (Switzerland) 92.95% mcigee, nickweisser Select
Greek (Greece) 67.57%  --  Select
Gujarati (India) 0.68% kandip Select
Hebrew (Israel) 85.78% OrotTech, starnetwork Select
Hindi (India) 1.85% kandip Select
Hungarian (Hungary) 89.85% Pro Digital Select
Icelandic (Iceland) 6.07% Thorri Select
Indonesian (Indonesia) 45.03% ceefour Select
Italian (Italy) 99.75% Black Cat, ziq2004, Emergento, Martino_Fenu Select
Italian (Switzerland) 0.00% adebe, piotrekkaminski Select
Japanese (Japan) 90.16%  --  Select
Khmer (Cambodia) 99.65%  --  Select
Korean (South Korea) 4.30% Min Park, kyu kim Select
Lao (Laos) 0.54%  --  Select
Latvian (Latvia) 34.67% Aleksander Andrijenko, niro Select
Lithuanian (Lithuania) 67.70% naujasdizainas Select
Macedonian (Macedonia) 15.39% spiritfly Select
Malaysian (Malaysia) 1.78% JLHC Select
Mongolian (Mongolia) 0.51%  --  Select
Norwegian Bokmal (Norway) 88.14% Roy Andre, Sindre|ProperHost, Magentoinorge, oehoff Select
Norwegian Nynorsk (Norway) 0.00%  --  Select
Persian (Iran) 30.33% Hadifarnoud Select
Polish (Poland) 100.00% jemoon, snowdog Select
Portuguese (Brazil) 100.00% Indexa, Carlos Teixeira Select
Portuguese (Portugal) 99.98% Magento_3GNTW Select
Romanian (Romania) 56.24% smlaci, Lucrian Select
Russian (Russia) 95.07% Dmitry A Nikolaev, aluminium, Nanocoding representer Select
Serbian (Serbia) 8.90% pallermo Select
Slovak (Slovakia) 67.62%  --  Select
Slovenian (Slovenia) 100.00% Whitekin Select
Spanish (Argentina) 17.30% Damian Culotta, Martin H Select
Spanish (Chile) 38.18% jfigueroa, zeusco Select
Spanish (Colombia) 65.45%  --  Select
Spanish (Costa Rica) 0.30%  --  Select
Spanish (Mexico) 94.25% Josue4ever, davidDWQ Select
Spanish (Panama) 90.20%  --  Select
Spanish (Peru) 10.10%  --  Select
Spanish (Spain) 93.39% insaix, OSdave, lopezandres Select
Spanish (Venezuela) 2.59% lopezandres Select
Swahili (Kenya) 0.56%  --  Select
Swedish (Sweden) 87.05% Icommerce Modules, Staffan Palopaa Select
Thai (Thailand) 91.17% ariesanywhere Select
Turkish (Turkey) 97.30% hidonet Select
Ukrainian (Ukraine) 61.79%  --  Select
Vietnamese (Vietnam) 2.78% Huân, magestore Select
Welsh (United Kingdom) 10.87% zemic Select