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What were your expectations
for Magento U?

I was expecting to learn what I didn't know, but didn't know what I didn't know. This class completely clarified the fundamentals of the xml structure, control flow, and navigating through and making sense of the many files of Magento. There is a very high level of understanding Magento, and every day, something that was previously a mystery to me 'clicked' in my head - clarifying how to work with it and realizing why things were built the way they were.

Magento U

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What is unique about the Magento Experience?

I've never met computer course instructors anywhere with the level of depth and understanding of a specific application, especially one as complex as Magento. Their through-and-through understanding of Magento and the inner workings of the application is truly amazing and something you just can't get anywhere else. Their classes went above and beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to get a solid understanding of the platform.

Magento U

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How are you going to apply what you’ve learned in this class?

Magento U has given me a great foundation to begin building solid, enterprise-level extensions and has provided me with the recommended way of modifying and extending just about any section in Magento. Our company is now prepared to continue to deliver eCommerce services with an even higher level of understanding, knowledge and support of the Magento platform.

Classroom Fundamentals

Great to turn some ‘I think I know’ thoughts into some ‘I definitely know’ facts.

- Douglass Radburn, Open Source Technical Lead, Branded3 Ltd.

This course is a great way to receive formal knowledge of the Magento framework architecture. This is impressive considering it even applies to students with previous Magento knowledge!

- Hervé Tribouilloy, Magento Specialist, Magento Backstage Ltd

Excellent Training Course, helped me understand the logic behind Magento Functionality.

- Irfaan Bhimji - Technical Consultant - National Commerce Practice | Perficient, Inc.

The course gave me a great overview of Magento. What's more, I learned a lot about the architecture, caching, and how to extend several parts of Magento. This definitely exceeded my expectations.

- Natxo Cabre, eBay Enterprise

The instructor was absolutely awesome, knew an incredible amount of information, did a great job of answering our questions, and was very polite and encouraging. This course is leaps and bounds better than any other Magento resource out there. There is no comparison.

- Chris Manger - Golden Communication

It was an enriching and entertaining week. I was happy to meet some good Magento developers from around the world. [Our instructor] Vinai was always helpful and ready to answer our questions.

- Kervin Ramin, Navi Partner

2 our instructor: @VinaiKopp Thank you very much for the great and awesome course Fundamentals of Magento Dev. in Zurich, CH cc @royrubin05

- Cyril Schumacher (@ShumacherFM)

Very well presented and comprehensive. Amongst the top courses I have attended so far.

- Wilko Nienhaus

The Magento U Fundamentals instructor-led course was ideal for Temple & Webster because it allowed us to interact directly with an expert Magento Evangelist. They were able to answer our most complex Magento questions. The Fundamentals course is appropriately in-depth which has helped us enormously by providing us with much greater context to our understanding of the Magento platform. Highly recommended for those serious about the getting the best out of Magento.

- Adam Ring, Technical Project Manager, Temple & Webster

The Fundamentals of Magento Development course was brilliant! I currently work on the frontend side of Magento and this was a fantastic opportunity for me to dive in the deep end of Magento, which has helped me understand how Magento works. The tutor, Vinai Kopp, is an endless pit of knowledge and experience; an amazing tutor and a really nice guy. I would definitely recommend this course to all developers looking into Magento.

-Sean Watson, Web Designer, Trueshopping Ltd

Magento Fundamentals in London was an incredible experience. You meet with the best Magento craftsmen from around the world for eight hours a day and hammer through Magento’s codebase, splitting its parts into pieces and studying each in detail. The tutor was really helpful making sure no one fell behind, and sharing practical tips from his personal experience working with the script. The whole event was highly educational and inspiring. I’d gladly do it again!

-Marcin Dancewicz, Digital Boutique

[The instructor] does a fantastic job of explaining the workings behind Magento; he is a true genius on the platform and I would recommend his training to anyone wanting to learn the Fundamentals of Magento Development.

-Clemens van der Walt, Invent Commerce

The Magento U course has helped me get to know Magento in so many ways, and it has made me realize how much I did not know about the framework. Even after my experience with Magento, the knowledge that our instructor had about the course, and how he conveyed that knowledge to us was amazing. I am so glad I took part on the course.

-Phumlani Nyati, Invent Commerce

The course really made me better understand how Magento works and how I can work better with it.

-Len Lorijn, Guapa Media

For the past year I have been blindly working with Magento, but after the week of training I now can see the light. I can't wait to bring my new knowledge back to work.

-Dave Bonillas, Senior Software Developer,, Inc.

I had just started to get my feet wet with Magento when I entered the Fundamentals class. Now I have a much more thorough understanding of how this program executes and functions. I am incredibly happy I was able to attend. What I learned will be a valuable asset for me in the future.

-Cody Bieberly, Software Developer,, Inc.

Core Principles for Theming

I feel like a light has finally come on. I am a lot less confused now. This is helping me with my daily work tasks already (and I've found some errors that need to be fixed before the next update)!

-Jessica Thornton, Jr. Web Developer, Delta Apparel, Inc.

Great course for anyone who wants to learn proper techniques for Magento theming.

-James Phillips, Web Developer, Honeyville Grain

The instructor had incredible knowledge of the material and was able to explain and demonstrate real life situations flawlessly.

-Ashley Bush, Web Designer, Ringside

Theming in Magento seemed daunting to me at first. After taking this course, I'm confident in my abilities and feel that the sky is the limit. The course structure of teaching best practices through real world examples and group exercises really got through to me, and I've very happy with the outcome.

-Brad Knutson, Web Developer, EMC Publishing

This was a truly outstanding and helpful course. Thank you so much for the enthusiastic and knowledgeable training! It has been very helpful for me, and the instructor is a fantastic.

-Myles O'Connor, Frontend Developer, Guidance

This is the second course I've done with Magento U and was a great experience. The lecturers are really knowledgeable and they explain really clearly.

-Daneel Malgas, Magento Developer, Invent Commerce

With great content and an excellent, enthusiastic tutor, this course was a great introduction to theming Magento. It covers the correct methods for building your own themes, and will definitely help us here with our new template builds.

-Glyn Myers, Web Development Manager, Winstanleys Pramworld

Core Principles for Theming in Magento was a truly valuable experience for me, because it taught me not only how to accomplish what I needed within the Magento system, but how to do it in the most efficient way possible. I think any Front End Developer worth their salt can probably find their way through Magento enough to build a working site - but to truly grasp the power of Magento, you really must take this course.

The instructor, Rico Neitzel, was very well-informed on all topics and attentive to all student questions. I had numerous questions that pointed topics we were working on to real issues I was dealing with on my projects, and Rico not only took the time to answer everything I asked but also managed to examine any query from a broad perspective so that the discussion would be valuable for the rest of the class as well. In short, he was one of the most effective instructors I've worked with in the web development industry.

-Evan Huntley, Front-End Developer, Atlantic Business Technologies, Inc.

Shopping Cart & Price Calculations

I was impressed by the amount of planning that had gone into creating this course, and I'm very happy with the new skills the instructor was able to teach me.

- Julian Read, Web Developer

I think Shopping Cart & Price Calculation is a key course. The Shopping Cart & Price Calculation architecture plays a significant role in understanding how Magento works. I am very happy with the instructor and the learning platform. He helped me a lot and was able to answer all my questions.

- Jèssica Cornadó, Developer, Cinetic Digital

The course provided an excellent overview of some ways to customise checkout behaviour. Our instructor has a great depth of knowledge, and worked hard fielding questions - in many cases going well beyond the course scope whilst helping students to understand issues and implications of various approaches.

- Stephen Irven, Developer,

If you want to master the Magento backend, attending an instructor-led Magento U course will satisfy all your needs. I attended Shopping Cart & Price Calculations, even though I am a Magento Certified Developer, because the class provided the opportunity for me to discover important aspects of the platform that I had not mastered before. The hot tips shared by the instructor and the exercises taken from the real world were a plus. They let me improve my skills, and strengthened my belief that Magento is the most flexible ecommerce platform in the market.

- Alessandro Ronchi, Technical Director, Webgriffe


Fast-paced; attention-grabbing and highly technical. This course knocked my socks off!

- Phillip Jackson, Senior Interactive Developer, Something Digital

I would say that what I really liked about the class was that it cleared away the confusion between all the different shipping methods, and allowed me to see the patterns that are common to all of them, which I can then use when modifying and creating shipping methods going forward.

- Laura Folco, Freelance Developer


This was my favorite part of the checkout series so far. I learned a lot and greatly boosted my confidence.

- Julian Read, Web Developer

Taxes & Discounts

What I like most about the Magento U courses is that I’m able to see a larger picture of Magento’s inner workings. Most of the time, it helps to solve the pieces of the puzzle with an instructor who really knows his stuff. Not only did I learn how the code works, but I also learned why it works so that I can make upgrade-safe, efficient customizations to the platform.

- Charles Dietz, Lead Magento Developer, Online Stores, Inc.

Requirements Discovery for Successful Magento Implementations

The Requirements Gathering for Implementations course was incredibly beneficial. My company depends on me to ask all the right questions during the discovery phase. The course was broken down into Functional, Integration, and Infrastructure requirements gathering, which made it easy to follow. The Magento team provided templates, worksheets, and in class exercises, which really helped solidify the material. This course is a MUST for any Project Manager or Business Analyst who works with Magento.

- David Shuford, Solutions Engineer, Blue Acorn

The detailed nature of the Magento Implementation Methodology clearly delivers the basic fundamentals that a custom Magento implementation should utilize. The solid requirements gathering techniques and their translation to Magento functionality will clearly aid in the development of great, well functioning Magento sites.

- Derek Kloostra, Vice President of eCommerce Consulting, The Grand River

This a terrific course on the most efficient and proper way to gather requirements for projects to ensure tasks are done correctly the first time.

- Alan Gagnon, Project Manager, Pixafy

Managing Your Magento Store

As an international student I was unsure as to how my Instructor led online course would be conducted and how much I would achieve out of the course. Now that I have completed the course I am a big advocate for this form of training. The support of the administrator to get me up and running in conjunction with the insightful and helpful way the online course was conducted, has made me a fan of the process and I have registered for another follow up course early next year. Being a small business owner and not having the resources to have an IT department ready to manage my Magento store, I need to have the ability to self-manage many of the components of my e-commerce business. I found the online instructor to be very helpful in helping me achieve my objective in a manner that was presented to my level of knowledge. He was only too happy to clarify any particular areas which needed further explanation. Thank you.

- Glenn Hill, Director, Sexy Secrets P/L, Melbourne Australia


LOVE IT: Thanks for making these videos available! Magento is very complex and learning it can be an ominous undertaking at the onset. These videos have helped me make leaps and bounds in upward progress developing with Magento. I'm beginning to feel saturated and comfortable in the Magento environment. My introduction to Magento was getting hired by a Magento development company, so even having my hand in the guts all day long these videos have really cleared up a lot of confusion for me. Grazie!

- Austen Hoogen, Magento Developer, in Seattle