Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded Magento and encountered problems with the installation, can you help?
Yes, we support any issue related to the installation of the platform.
I am using an external extension that is not part of the Magento Core - is this supported?
No, our professional support programs cover the Magento core product. Support on external extension assistance is available through Professional Services or Consulting agreements.
After downloading Magento, I have altered a few core files. Can i still get support for the product?
No , Our professional support program covers the Magento core product only with no changes to the original package.
What are the cases where Varien will not support the Magento copy that I am currently using ?
Varien shall have no obligation to support the platform in the following cases:
a. Altered or modified Software.
b. Problems caused by the user negligence, misuse, hardware malfunction, use inconsistent with Varien’s instructions, or causes beyond the control of Varien.
c. Magento installed in an Operating Environment or in a hardware environment which is not supported by Varien.
d. Magento used beyond the scope of the applicable licenses.
e. Software that is not the Current Version or the Previous Minor Version of the product.
I am having difficulty setting up my payment gateway, can you assist with this?
Yes, we provide assistance with configuring the payment gateway information.
Can I upgrade my support plan?
Yes, you may upgrade your support plan at any time by contacting us through the ticket system (this will not count as an incident).
Do you support upgrades to new versions of Magento?
Support for upgrading Magento is available through a professional services engagement. Upgrade support is not included as part of the support plans.
How do I follow the progress of my ticket/issue?
We have provided a web based ticket system for incident management and tracking.
Can more than one person from my team contact the support team for help?
The Gold and Platinum level packages offer multiple contacts per account.