Performance of your eCommerce platform is critical and that means optimizing the stack. Magento and Zend are working together to ensure that the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform runs optimally on top of Zend Server, the world's most complete and enterprise ready solution for running mission critical PHP applications. Zend Server enables you to get optimal performance from your Magento implementation. Zend Server’s built-in opcode acceleration provides a significant performance boost at zero effort, and Zend Server’s full page caching functionality lets you define simple caching rules to speed up delivery of static pages, without requiring application changes.

Foresight is priceless and Zend Server's monitoring tools help you keep an active watch of what's going on in real time and gives you the heads up when script are executing slowly or when errors are about to occur. Catch problems before they happen and have the resources available to debug and test your code. As good as things run now, they are about to run that much better.


Magento developers along with the Zend team will work together to make sure that key functionality is available throughout the stack. By enhancing and extending Zend Framework together, in the true spirit of Open Source collaboration, extending Magento becomes simple and Zend Framework becomes more powerful benefitting your whole PHP application stack as well. Open up doors you never knew existed using popular APIs. Easily develop other applications related to your eCommerce operations with lightning speed, standardize your PHP practices, write less code, and connect your infrastructure like never before, providing your customers a superior experience.


Magento and Zend are making it easier to get started no matter which platform you are using whether its Microsoft Windows or Linux. Download a complete stack of Magento bundles with Zend Server and see just how easy it is to break away from the starting line. Zend Server includes a complete, pre-integrated PHP stack that has been thoroughly tested to ensure the highest levels of reliability required for running an enterprise ready deployment of the world's fastest growing eCommerce platform. Magento and Zend are empowering the future of eCommerce together, are you ready for it? Download a copy today.