Let’s talk about “the Amazon in the room”

Country Topic: Building Your Store
Language: English
When: Jun 4, 2014

Last year Amazon’s revenue growth exceeded that of 497 of the IR500 (combined), and the company is leveraging its dominant position to grow even faster. Over 40% of Amazon’s retail revenue now comes from its marketplace partners, and retail “partners” are kept in the dark about who’s buying. Amazon Prime has more than 17 million subscribers and growing rapidly, and Amazon Payments is helping the company broaden its base of consumers even further. What happens when Amazon trucks start delivering to your neighbor’s home? What can retailers do to compete effectively?

This webinar, hosted by Magento and MyBuys, will examine Amazon’s best practices, unique offering alternatives, and will highlight some key tactics and strategies being deployed by leading retailers to compete – or at a minimum, to try to keep pace with the 10 ton elephant in the room.

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