How to Successfully Re-Platform Your Site from a Home-Built System

Country Topic: Building Your Store
Language: English
When: Jul 2, 2014

A decade ago, most eCommerce websites were built by in-house developers. The few packaged software systems available were either not yet mature, or were cost prohibitive. As platforms have evolved and become more affordable and feature-rich, there has been a shift towards third-party platforms – and mid-market digital commerce channels are reaping the benefits.

Many companies that have derived their success from home-built systems are now feeling the strain of variations in traffic and lack of access to newer features and functionality.

This webinar will explain the key benefits of re-platforming as well as tips and tricks you should know before engaging in the process. It will provide key insights from Magento Gold Partner, Gorilla Group, that are based on case studies from Inteladerm (SkincareRX) and Docusign.

1. Security and stability
2. Faster time to market
3. Long-term cost savings in maintenance

Tips and Tricks
1. Assembling your online catalog
2. Identifying legacy data migration
3. Understanding the difference between what the platforms could support vs. what is a configuration
4. Creating efficiencies with business processes

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