Using Qualitative Data and Testing Tools to Increase Revenue

Country Topic: Data & Analytics
Language: English
When: Jun 18, 2014

As an online merchant, you should be constantly striving to offer the best user experience possible for your target audience. But how do you go about deciding what will make your visitors’ experience better? The quantitative data derived from analytics tools is invaluable for telling you what visitors are doing on your site, but they typically aren’t your best option for telling you why. This is where qualitative data comes in.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how Blue Acorn uses qualitative data to help create the best hypotheses for redesigning and testing their clients' sites. You'll then learn about two excellent tools for capturing qualitative data - Qualaroo and - and Blue Acorn’s testing platform of choice, Optimizely, a Magento Gold Industry Partner and the most widely used A/B testing platform worldwide. Understanding these methodologies and tools will better position you to enhance your testing program and increase your online revenue.

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