Getting the Most Out of Your Magento Investment – The Back (Office) Story

Country Topic: Integrations
Language: English
When: Oct 22, 2014

You’ve built a great customer facing website, invested a lot of time and money to make your website standout and drive business. And now orders are rolling in…but how do you handle them?

Building a website is only half of the story when selling online. The other half occurs in the back (office), and this is where the magic happens to make sure you can process orders and ship them efficiently with as little hassle as possible – all to ensure happy customers!

In this webinar we will discuss the ways order management can complement your website to drive success, including:

  • Fulfilling orders faster through automation of the pick/pack/ship processes
  • Avoiding stock outs through better inventory management
  • Integrating shipping to process more efficiently
  • And more...

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