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Magento Clients Speak Out About Open Source Solutions

Magento Mobile

Magento is dedicated to your eCommerce success and today that means extending customer relationships to mobile devices. As the leading ecommerce platform provider, Magento now leads the way in mobile commerce with Magento Mobile. Integrated with the Magento eCommerce platform, Magento Mobile enables companies to take customer relationships to an entirely new level with a native mobile iPhone application that incorporates branded design, navigation and search capability, user account features, merchandising tools and best-of-breed payment applications. Watch Video
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Co-founder of the custom-furniture company Viesso, Ryan Schultz discusses the integral role that open-source eCommerce has played in building a successful business online. Watch Video
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Chief Technical Officer Ron Johnson talks about how his company used open-source eCommerce to get exactly what they needed from their site. Watch Video
Run Time: 1:59