We've put together a collection of Magento screenshots showcasing its frontend and backend, as well as examples of the many features the program has to offer. Flip through them to get a taste of what you'll find in Magento. Like what you see?
Feel free to explore our demo store to get a feel for working with Magento.

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Store Front

Magento Store Front thumbs

Magento's feature-rich frontend strives to give customers an intuitive, comfortable online shopping experience. Take a look, and see why Magento is open-source eCommerce evolved.

Features like Magento's Layered Navigation, Auto-Complete Search and Catalog-Wide Product comparisons help your customer find exactly what they need... fast.

Administration Panel

Magento Backend thumbs

Magento's Administrative Panel is driven by a commitment to customization, flexibility and control. With Magento, never feel trapped by your backend. It's your store... take control. Visit the Gallery

Elements like Magento's customizable Attribute Sets, Layered Navigation and limitless Marketing Features help you run your business your way.