One Hope Wine

One Hope Wine is a socially conscious wine distributor that donates 50% of its profits to partner charities. One Hope supports a variety of charities while making customers happy with a wide variety of tasteful wines.

Gift Cards

One Hope is using the Magento Enterprise gift card feature to allow customers to purchase store credit to give out as gifts. Gift cards have also been the engine behind providing discounts through sites such as Groupon. To date they have fulfilled over 6,000 gift cards to Groupon purchasers. Furthermore, One Hope Wine is able to track card usage and determine which customer has remaining gift card value. By generating reports they can use this information to then track customer behavior.


Using Magento, One Hope has been able to create a site that makes it easy to spread the word about their wines and their charities.

According to Mike Webber, Director of Online Operations, “content drives traffic, sales, SEO and it's great having a Content Management System baked right into Magento. Everything from About Us, to Our Causes, Jobs pages, Resources and custom landing pages for partners are created in the CMS system powered by Magento. It's convenient and provides the complete package to fill all of our needs without having to look for and integrate other tools to achieve the same job."


Using the Magento Enterprise "virtual product" feature, One Hope created a wine club membership. Customers pay a flat fee of $90.00 for the virtual product and receive six bottles of One Hope wine, every other month for a year, along with other special discounts and advanced access to new releases. This feature gives customers a fun and interactive experience with One Hope and allows members to learn more about One Hope wines and the charities they support.

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