Golden Edibles

Golden Edibles is an online gourmet destination with delectable products like pastries, chocolate dipped berries and chocolates. They have created an incredible system for offering product upgrades. Golden Edibles uses Magento out-of-the-box features, configurable products and custom options. For example, Golden Edibles offers customers an additional 6-12 berries at 75% off, the option to add a gift box, as well as the option to double or triple dip their berries in chocolate. By offering their customers these options before the product is added to the cart, Golden Edibles can increase the average order value by over 100%.

The “custom options” feature lets Magento merchants create product customization options quickly and easily. Any product can have custom variants and options. Custom options can affect the total price of the product by a fixed amount or percentage and can be applied in various ways, including:

How Golden Edibles Uses Custom Options

When ordering their chocolate dipped products, Golden Edibles offers their customers the choice to single, double or triple dip products with the click of a simple radio button. They make these upgrade options even more attractive by adding tantalizing images directly above the selection buttons, using CSS ID codes.

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