Smiley Cookie

Smiley Cookie is an online cookie company that makes it easy for you to share a smile with anyone, anywhere, and at any occasion.

Cookie Configurator

Eat’n Park (the Smiley Cookie company) partnered with Magento Gold Solution Partner, Lyons Consulting Group (LCG), to redesign and develop a new site powered by Magento Enterprise, which includes a create your own cookie configurator. By using JavaScript in the user interface, they built an integration that allows customers to view and change their custom cookie orders prior to purchase. Customers can choose the shape of the cookie as well as the icing and smiley face colors. The “create your own cookie” integration gives customers a vivid shopping experience from the web.


In addition to the cookie configuration tool, LCG integrated Magento Enterprise and a customized Warehouse Management System (WMS) that includes custom delivery options. Dedicated configuration allows shoppers to ship cookies to multiple addresses from the same order and choose a specific delivery date. To integrate with the production process, LCG customized the checkout and shopping cart to allow people to choose a delivery date, which causes the WMS to initiate a cookie production, to maintain on time and fresh product delivery for their customers.

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