Di Bruno Brothers

Dibruno Brothers is an Italian market specializing in gourmet food products. The first Bruno’s Brothers store was started in 1939. Today, with the help of Magento Enterprise, they are successfully selling their culinary specialty products online.

Search by Type and Region

Dibruno uses several features to help convert browsers to buyers. Because of the navigation they have provided their shoppers are able to navigate through their store quickly and effectively. Utilizing Magento’s powerful attribute concepts, Dibruno has assigned many regional and type-based properties to their products and was able to add a custom search tool within their product navigation bar. The search tool enables customers to search for cheeses by region, texture, type and even type of milk.

Create your own basket

In addition, Dibruno uses the bundled product feature to offer custom gift basket options for their customers. With this functionality customers choose a desired basket, which they can fill with the meats, cheeses, and specialty products of their choice. Everything is added to the order summary, and total order value is updated as products are added to the basket. By catering to their customers, giving customers the gourmet food they want and making it easy to find, Dibruno Brothers is achieving online success and winning loyal customers far and wide.

Visit store: www.dibruno.com