Magento Developers Paradise

The Schedule.

(Please note: current schedule is tentative and subject to change.)

We've put together an amazing line up made up of Magento developers, partners and your peers to bring you some of the best, beautifully crafted content that'll put you ahead of the game. Preliminary schedule available below. Mouse over each session for more information.

Join us as we kick things off with an opening reception taking place at 21:00/9PM on Saturday, October 9th.

  • Day 1: October 10th
  • Day 2: October 11th
  • Day 3: October 12th




9:00 or 9:30am

Keynote #1: Yoav Kutner, Magento CTO

Keynote #2: PayPal's Wallet in the Cloud

Session #9: Magento Partner Enablement

Session #1: Magento for PHP MVC Developers

Session #7: PayPal Integration in Magento

Session #10: Clone Yourself: How to Effectively Share Magento Knowledge with New Developers

Session #2: Getting the Most of Magento Themes

Session #8: Methods and Best Practices for High Performance Magento

Session #11: Making Magento Run Like an Antelope


Day Event

Free Time and Checkout

Session #3: Best Practices for Magento Development

Session #4: Top Tips for Developing a Successful Magento Extension

Session #5: Extensions for Today & Beyond: Why you should be building the next generation of Magento


Session #6: Test-driven Magento development


6:00 pm

Dinner and Downtime

Dinner and Downtime


7:30PM BarCamp



9:00 pm

Night Event/Excursion


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Time: 7:00-9:30AM

Enjoy a delicious, multi-course Mediterranean to get your day started and get your brain ready to absorb all that Magento knowledge!


Time: 1:00PM-2:00PM

Recharge your batteries and your brain as you enjoy lunch with your fellow developers.

Dinner and Downtime::

Time: 6:00PM

Enjoy a great dinner and some downtime. Chat and network with your fellow developers and make new connections.

Night Event::

Time: 9:00PM-????

Forget about work and get ready for a night on the town. Join us for a party and celebration in the city of Palma de Mallorca. Explore Palma by night and get together with other developers for a pint!

Day Event::

Time: 12:30PM-5:00PM

Daytime excursion on Palma de Mallorca.


Time: 7:30PM-???

Just what is a BarCamp? A BarCamp is an un-conference. A chance for the attendees to control of the stage and present to the other attendees the topics they find most interesting. It all starts with proposing talks and brief 5 minute voting session. Once that's done the talks with the most votes get to present and you get to share your very own ideas with others, so come prepared with sessions you'd like to present and ideas you'd like to share. You can read more about BarCamp on Wikipedia.

Hackfest and Breakout Groups::

Time: 7:30 PM-10:00PM

Just think of a great idea you've been itching to work on? Have an idea fore a cool widget or Magento extension? Feeling the need to code? Get together with other developers and the members of the Magento core team and hack away--together. Work with others and see your ideas come to life as you code. Also, get together with other developers for informal group discussions on different ideas and/or common projects.

Keynote #1::

Time: 9:30AM

Speaker: Yoav Kutner, CTO, Magento

Topic: Join Magento CTO and the platform's chief architect as we go through some Magento history covering how the platform was conceived, launched, and is now taking the world by storm. Learn all about upcoming features and a the development roadmap, along with technical tips and tricks and how you can become part of the contributor team.

Keynote #2::

Time: 9:00AM

Speaker: John Lunn, Head Wizard, PayPal X

Topic: Wallet in the Cloud: Is there still a need to carry your wallet with you everywhere you go or are we getting closer to having everything you carry hosted in 'the cloud' and being available everywhere you go and how should a eCommerce developer prepare for this?

Closing Keynote::

Time: 12:00PM

Topic: Closing thoughts, Awards and Reception

Checkout and Free Time::

Time: 1:00PM

You don't have to go home, but you can enjoy a couple more hours of the hotel's facilities as you get ready to check out and head out!

Session #1::

Speaker: Alan Storm, eCommerce Blogger and Magento Developer

Topic: Magento for PHP MVC Developers

Abstract: Does Magento code look like strange hieroglyphs brought back from mysterious, undiscovered lands? If so, then consider this talk your personal Rosetta Stone. We'll dive into Magento's MVC structure and compare it directly to other popular PHP MVC Frameworks. By the time we're done Magento will seem less like the Voynich Manuscript, and more like the natural evolution of object oriented PHP that it is.
Session #2::

Speaker: Anton Makarenko, Magento Technical Project Manager

Topic: Getting the Most of Magento Themes

Abstract: Come gain a clearer understand of the Magento theming and templating system. Learn about designing extendable frontend functionality with layouts, reducing maintenance efforts using theme hierarchy and get the full picture as Anton explains layout directives, from A to Z. Also, theme evolution advisory board: we're open for discussion...
Session #3::

Speaker: Vitaly Korotun, Magento Professional Services Team

Topic: Best Practices for Magento Development

Abstract:This session is about sharing some of what we've learned in our own professional services experience. Every client is unique, every business is unique, as result every new single project is different from previous. But among these differences we can discover significant commonalities in practical architecture knowledge, which can be useful across most tasks and across all changes you want to perform with Magento. Our main topics will be:

  • How to analyze the Magento Architecture in order to define the right approach to customize it
  • How to modify/extend/substitute Magento functionality with custom extension in a right way
  • How to reduce amount of problems with next upgrades
  • How to define the most feasible design and software architecture patterns and solutions in order to customize Magento

Session #4::

Speaker: Ashley Schroder, Head Software Engineer, World Wide Access

Topic: Top Tips for Developing a Successful Magento Extension

Abstract: Still making your Magento code changes to core files? Have an app/local directory bursting at the seams? Get development tips from Ashley on advanced Magento extension features such as EAV attribute configuration, event processing and automatic task scheduling. Learn to bundle your bespoke functionality as an extension for reuse and distribution. Ashley shares his experience in maximizing the benefits of an open source extension for your business, while keeping the overhead of maintenance and support to a minimum with techniques such as self-diagnostics.
Session #5::

Speaker: Jonathan Beri, Magento Technical Project Manager

Topic: Extensions for today & beyond: why you should be building the next generation of Magento.

Abstract: In this talk we will explain what extensions are and why you should start building them today. Hear the history about how extensions were born, where extensions are today & get a sneak peek of the future of extensions. Also learn about other ways to contribute to the Open Source project & community..

Session #6::

Speaker: Gabriel Bouhatous, CEO, Magento Academy

Topic: Test Driven Magento Development

Abstract: How to increase the quality of code using modern development methodologies including test driven development, frameworks, fitness and continuous integration. These methods are critical when coding for Magento, to ensure quality, decrease time spent in debugging and provide customer satisfaction. We’ll also discuss development tools, such as Zend Studio and Zend Server 5 - including the Code Tracing functionality.
Session #7::

Speaker: Anton Makarenko, Magento Technical Project Manager

Topic: PayPal Integration with Magento

Abstract: et a better understanding of PayPal features in Magento. Tow to setup, maintain and debug PayPal payments. Pending transactions intro. Additional PayPal features in Magento.
Session #9::

Time: 9:00AM

Speaker: Natalya Moshlyak, Magento Technical Director of Professional Services

Topic: Magento Partner Enablement

Abstract: Learn more about some of the new packages that will be available from Magento consulting to support and help develop our partner network.
Session #10::

Speaker: Branko Ajzele, Project Manager and Senior Developer, Inchoo

Topic: Tips and tricks on the best ways of training your new developers and preparing them for adventure that is Magento

Session #8::

Speaker: Dmitriy Soroka, Magento Lead Architect

Topic: Application performance is a major consideration of any software, as it is with Magento. Magento’s functionality adds complexity, and the cache level of the application allows us to significantly improve performance. This session will cover caching techniques used in Magento, provide a list of supported cache storages and provide recommendations on selecting the optimal cache storage for specific uses.

Session #11::

Speaker: Philippe Humeau, Director, NBS System

Topic: Performance tweaks and tips for making Magento run as fast as possible. Topics include: Stepping down from 6s to 1s second load time, Benchmark of a good site on various configurations, Choose your hardware wisely depending on your needs, Optimizing your infrastructure capacity, Using cache the correct way, Php Cron are *NOT* jobs as small duty load, Recommendations around configurations & settings, 30,000 unique visitors per day on a single server ?