Magento Developers Paradise

October 10th,11th and 12th - Mallorca, Spain

Take Two: Lots of Code. Fun in the Sun. No Volcanoes.

We're trying again and hoping for no Volcanoes! Based on the incredible response the first time around, Magento Developer's Paradise has been revamped and rescheduled. NetResearch will host members of the Magento team along with some of the world's best and brightest eCommerce developers for the premier Magento developers get together. Three days packed with keynotes, sessions and fun in the sun. Learn from and work with other developers from around the world in a place some have called the world's most beautiful island.

Here's your chance to learn and exchange ideas about Magento development, working with the Magento code base, creating extensions and sneak peaks into what the future holds. Join together with your peers, partners and Magento team members to learn the tips, tricks and techniques that have helped them succeed. Get insights into future versions of the Magento platform and get a head start on leveraging Magento for your success. Present your own ideas during our BarCamp and get instant feedback from your peers. Team up with other developers and develop new ideas together. Have fun and get a chance to relax away from the office as you enjoy a beautiful environment and unique, planned activities on the island of Mallorca.


The island of Mallorca, Spain is truly a diamond in the Mediterranean. Inhabited since antiquity, Mallorca holds many treasures to explore including historical sites, two mountainous regions, over 2,400 restaurants and 550km of Mediterranean beaches. You can read all about Mallorca on Wikipedia (Mallorca) and more details about what Mallorca has to offer on WikiTravel's Mallorca Travel Guide.

Schedule & Speakers

Check out our awesome line up of three great days of the best technical keynotes, sessions, panels, workshops and excursions.

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"Magento Developers Paradise is a fantastic opportunity to keep up with the latest Magento developments and socialize with other partners. The conference face-to-face meetings and informal discussions improved our understanding of the platform in a way that is simply not possible to replicate online."

-- Laura Valverde, CEO of BeeCoder

"My initial disappointment with the volcano situation at the MDP quickly dissolved. The intimate group setting was still full of very knowledgeable people, valuable information and was very dynamic. The friendly atmosphere along with the comfortable accommodations and dreamlike island created such unique interaction with my fellow Magento experts-- a learning experience which is impossible to achieve in other way."

-- Artyom Rabzonov, CEO of aheadWorks
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