"We Miss You" Alerts

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Boost your sales by promoting discounts for products being in a wishlist or in the cart for a long time.
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"We Miss You" Alerts

How many shopping carts stay un-ordered on your website? Do your customers have wishlists that are not converted into purchases? Or perhaps there are customers who have not logged in for a time and miss your great new products and proposals?

Remind your customers about your online store with "We miss you" email alerts.

You can set email reminders to be sent in 3 cases, and add the period of time after which they should be emailed:

» Shopping carts have not been ordered
» Wishlists stays unused
» Customers have not logged in

Create as many rules as you need, limit their time or make them unlimited. Each rule will have its own email template directly in the settings, where you can write a nice “miss you” message, add any links, images, and enter the promotional coupons.

Convert your leads into customers with "We Miss You" Alerts Magento module.

This video shows how the "We Miss You" Alerts extension works:

Useful Links

Extension Page: "We Miss You" Alerts
Documentation: "We Miss You" Alerts User Guide
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