Extended Product Grid with Editor by Amasty

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Add attributes to product grid and edit most data right on the grid: name, prices, attributes, etc. © Amasty
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Extended Product Grid with Editor by Amasty

Please find full description, live demo and user guide at Magento Extended Product Grid module page

Amasty Info

FREE TRIAL and installation for Enterprise Merchants. Get it here!

Adjust your Magento product grid to business needs.

Add attributes to the product grid.

It is possible to add any attributes of 'text', 'text area', 'dropdown', 'multiple select' and 'yes/no' types to the product grid. So you can display all the necessary information on the grid and also filter and sort products by these attributes. Make your Magento admin grid a lot more informative and functional.

Individual display of attributes for each admin user.

Each admin user can choose which Magento product attributes should be displayed on the grid. So if you have several product administrators which edit different attributes, each of the admins can configure the product grid according to his or her needs.

Display product thumbnails on category pages in Magento admin grid.

So you can see product images when assigning products to a category and do assignments with much higher accuracy.

Change order of columns on the product grid with drag-and-drop.

Easily manage products columns by organizing product grid according to your needs - display columns in the order, which suits you best. What's even more amazing, each admin user can set the order of columns individually.

Disable some columns for the product grid.

You can also disable these columns for the product grid: Type, Attribute Set Name, Status and Websites. When needed, you can enable them back.

Display product thumbnails on the grid. Find products without images.

Images are much faster to recognize than words, so now you will find the right products a lot easier with our enhanced product grid tool. You can see full view of the image by clicking on the thumbnail, the extension is integrated with lightbox. In addition, you can sort products by thumbnails, so it will be easy to find products without images.

Show product categories on the grid.

You can show categories on the product grid in Magento, category filter can be activated as well. You can even find all products that have no category specified.

Identify products without categories.

Some products may be not assigned to categories, for example after you've imported new products. This means they will not be displayed on the front end, won't be ordered and you will lose money. The extension makes it very simple to find such products.

Display related, cross-sell and up-sell products on the grid.

The module enables you to show related, cross-sell and up-sell products on your configurable grid, so you can quickly see related items for each product.

Product dates on the grid.

It is possible to display product creation date on the grid, sorting and filtering for this option are available. Also you can add last modified date to the product grid to see when the product was edited last time.

Display attributes on category products tab when editing a category.

You can make the category product grid a lot more informative as well by adding more attribute columns to it.

Quickly edit product information right on the grid.

magento enhanced product grid

Edit vast majority of product information on the admin product grid.

You can edit product name, descriptions, sku, price, special price, cost, quantity, visibility, status, stock availability, 'price' type attributes, such as MSRP and most of other product attributes in Magento right on the product grid. Edits are easy to do and safe.

Save edits either one by one or in bulk.

If you choose to save edits one by one, each piece of information, for example some product quantity, will be saved right after it is modified. If you choose bulk editing, you can edit multiple pieces of information and then save them all in one go. Single saving works great for cases when you need to edit only one or two cells. Multiple saving is more convenient when you edit larger volumes of information.

Save a lot of time on product editing.

Some of you have to edit products day in and day out. Now you won't need to go to the product page to make a small edit - you can do this on the product grid. Ajax-based quick saving of data will dramatically improve your time efficiency.

Export lists of products right from the grid.

Sometimes you may need to export products belonging to a certain category, manufacturer or based on some other characteristic. The module makes this extremely easy - just add the necessary parameters to the products grid, filter products by the parameters and click export button. Both CSV and XML formats available.

new!Ability to quickly check out your changes on the front end

The module lets you show a column with direct links to the product pages on front end. So you can quickly go to any front end product page right from the product grid and check if all your changes have been applied correctly.

Manage product quantity efficiently.

magento editable grid

Add and deduct product quantity.

When you receive another installment and need to modify product quantity, it is easy to miscalculate the updated quantity and mess up inventory. With the extension you can just add the number of items which arrived to the number you have in stock. For example you have 72 items and 450 items arrived, so you just type 72+450 in the quantity field and job done. You can deduct quantities the same way by using minus '-' symbol. Please be aware that this feature only works on product grid, it doesn't work on the 'edit product' page.

magento configurable product grid

Automatic Quantity Based Availability.

You can set availability status to change automatically to 'In stock' when quantity is positive and to 'Out of stock' when quantity is zero or negative. If you prefer to indicate availability status manually, feel free to disable this feature.

NEW! See product quantity sold for specified period.

Straight on the product grid you can see product quantity that have been sold during the certain time period. All you need is to specify a calendar scale you want to check.

Compatibility with other extensions.

The extension does not replace default product grid page, so it will be compatible with majority if third-party extensions out of the box. If you will have any issues - be sure to let us know.

Full Page Cache compatibility

With the Full Page Cache extension you can trigger the product view page re-cache when editing store items from the grid in bulk.

Extended Product Grid user guide Extended Product Grid user guide

Live DEMO: Backend
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Also the extension:

  • is absolutely intuitive and easy to use
  • meets all Magento development practices
  • is 100% Open Source
  • is easy to install (takes just a couple minutes)

    Additional services:
  • Professional 120-day free e-mail support, help and guidance
  • Risk free purchase, 2-week money back guarantee
  • Paid extension customization

  • Extension home page:

    Please email your questions and suggestions via or send us a PM at Magento site. Feedback is absolutely welcome.

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    Amasty Store

    To see the complete Changelog list please visit the official Magento Extended Product Grid module page

    Extension Updates Log:

    Version 4.9.3 - Feb 05, 2015
    – Amasty Full Page Cache re-cache is now triggered when editing products from the grid in bulk

    Version 4.9.0 - Dec 11, 2014
    – New column added to display quantity of sold items: from/to date settings can be configured under System - Configuration; uses indexes to improve performance.

    Version 4.8.1 - Jul 02, 2014
    – Low Stock information column added.

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    Release Notes

    Add attributes to product grid and edit most of the data right on the grid (name, price, attributes, etc).

    2011-06-20 18:22:20
    • Version number: 2.0.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6
    Add attributes to product grid and edit most of the data right on the grid: name, prices, attributes. View images & categories on the product grid.

    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by Amasty

    Extended Product Grid with Editor by Amasty 4.6 5 43 43
    Buy it now This module is an absolute must have if you own a store with lots of items. The fact is that Magento product grid is very, I say, too limited and this extension is one of the first ones that I install on my clients’ shops. Drag and drop columns, enter prices and quantity with ajax, quick sorting – I can’t imagine how you can edit or even sort 20,000 and growing number of items with tens of custom attribute fields another way. I am using this module on 20+ shops. The only small thing is that you can’t edit categories from the grid although you can sort products by category. But usually there are other extensions to do that so no big deal. October 27, 2014
    Almost impossible to live without We use this extension for our store and we just couldn't imagine having to live without it. Amasty truly did a great job with this! June 27, 2014
    Very Good, Close to Excellent I am a former IBM Architect at American Express; so I have at least some authority in the area of reviewing a product. It is relevant that I am, and will remain on, Magento Community Edition. By far and away, from an administrative user perspective, THIS one product has helped me save a ludicrous amount of time and money. The product works fluidly, quickly, and allows my website, with in excess of 30,000 products (and growing), to make the necessary bulk changes I require. There is no way on God's green earth I could have sorted as diverse a gold jewelry database I have, in as short of a time as I did (with 100+ custom attribute fields and all), without it. I am rating it only 4 stars for ONE reason and it is relevant that, in my opinion, a typical, proven, Enterprise Class product would rank 5 stars: IF Amasty builds in solid support for Read / Write Separation, this product will be a SIX (6) Star Product, and an absolute MUST have for any website looking to break out of mediocrity and join the world of Enterprise Class websites. Thank you for your time and attention. Christopher Lazaro Executive Vice President @® February 8, 2014
    Saves us a lot of time We can now easily bulk update attributes because we can make a selection in the grid filtered by any attribute, brand for example. The thumbnail in the grid makes it easier to find the right product. Updating stock right from the grid makes it easier to perform stock updates. This extension has saved us a lot of time! October 23, 2013
    Great product and amazing support Product does what it says it does and makes editing products fast and easy, support is quick to return questions and solve problems. September 30, 2013
    Great extension with excellent features! I ordered this extension 2 months ago from Amasty.Very easy set up and installation as described in the manual. We use it every day because we use magento as ERP. It is working perfect and you can see and edit in the grid everything you want.So it is very helpful. But the most important for me is Amasty's great support.I had some issues and they solve them immediately. I love Amasty and I use 4 of their extensions!!!! September 11, 2013
    So glad I bought this! This module is literally going to save me months of work in the long term. I have been "migrating" my old website, and much of the data is having to be re-entered manually. Little things like setting the brands and changing the stock levels etc are taking forever. With the standard product editor you have to click on a product, wait for it to load before you can change and save. Then you have to re-scroll to the next on the list. Forever going backwards and forwards and waiting for your slow internet to load the pages. With this module I can select and sort the columns I want displayed on the editor, and simply click in a cell, change it. The data is automatically saved (This is a setting, you can change multiple cells and then click a save button if you like). If you have admin staff working by the hour, this will save you a fortune. Also, I required some support to install it due to my lack of experience. Reply was quick, and solution was easy. This is my second module from this developer, and I'll be back for the rest in time. Highly recommended! August 28, 2013
    Good extension but...You can get same for FREE as well Hello everyone, Good day...The extension is definitely great and working nice. But you can visit this link for same to same functionality for FREE.. and also workflow is flawless.. Try it once.. You will remember me for sure... Cheers.. August 10, 2013
    Love this extension I ordered this extension about 5 months ago. Installation was easy, I did not have any problems. I use this extension every single day, it is so useful. I removed the unnecessary fields from my product grid and added what I really needed - product name, price, special price, product image, brand name, product quantity and weight. Now I can edit all of these fields on the fly via ajax. This is so simple and it makes my life so much easier! Thanks Amasty for great extension! July 27, 2013
    This extension has great features! Great features, great support! Very very good Thanks July 4, 2013
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    9 months ago
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    Hi there,

    could you provide us with some more details so we could give you an extensive reply? In case you mean stock changes, then you have to update the page with CTRL F5 each time you change your stock data.

    Please feel free to ask for any details.

    Best Regards,
    Amasty Team
    9 months ago
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    I would like to edit categories with this extension. Is it possible?

    Also, please list out what can be edited?
    8 months ago
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    Although the extension allows displaying Category on the product grid, the categories can't be updated and managed right from the grid. This column is used only to display which category the product belongs to.

    Along with the default editable columns like:

    - Name
    - SKU
    - Price
    - Quantity
    - Visibility
    - Status

    the module allows adding the following columns:

    - Stock Availability
    - Product thumbnail image
    - Enable category filter
    - Show category information
    - Show special price to/from dates
    - Display creation date of a product
    - Display "last modified at" date of a product
    - Display related product
    - Display Up-Sells of a product
    - Display Cross-Sells of a product
    - Display column with front end product links
    -Products Qty

    Please, feel free to ask for any details.

    Best Regards,
    Amasty Team
    8 months ago
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    1 answer


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    Hello, is possible to mass edit manufacturer attribute? Ex. I need to assign to 20 or more products the same manufacturer.

    Thanks for your reply,
    7 months ago
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    yes, it's possible. Please use "mass change" attribute.

    Feel free to ask for more details.

    Best Regards,
    Amasty Team
    6 months ago
    0out of 0found this answer helpful.
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