Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

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Sell subscriptions for any product. The extension also manages the updating of payment information.
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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

The Subscription Manager allows you to easily and efficiently manage recurring orders. With this extension you can create recurring products for magazines, memberships and consumables of any kind. The module automatically takes care of the debiting of the customer's registered payment method.

Creating Subscription Products

With this module you can create recurring products for virtually all of Magento's product types. The following types are currently supported:

  • Simple Products
  • Bundles
  • Downloadable Product
  • Configurable Product
  • Virtual Products
NEW: Subscription Shopping Carts

In several cases the customer always orders the same cart. The multitude of product combinations makes it impossible to register them all in your shop. It is for this reason that we have created the cart-subscription.

Besides the products created by you, the customer can put together any kind of cart combination as a subscription. While doing so, the customer also can specify the regular intervals at which he or she wants the cart to be sent. You as a merchant can also specifically exclude certain products from the subscription feature.

Management of Expiry Dates / Payment Information

In addition to recurring payments, the module takes care of the payment. In case a credit card has expired, the module automatically sends an e-mail reminding the customer to update his or her credit card information. This e-mail can be edited according to your preferences.

The module also allows you to offer payment by invoice. An invoicing module is included per default.

Configuration of the Subscriptions

You define the subscription and termination periods. Furthermore, it is up to you to define the number of days before the actual deadline on which a first payment attempt and the triggering of the order should be carried out. Concerning the costs for shipping you can specifiy if you wish to have a fixed rate for recurring orders or if the shipping costs should correspond to the shipping costs of the original order.

Subscription Management by the Customer

Your customers can easily manage their subscriptions within their customer account. Subscriptions can be cancelled and restarted.

Payment Modules

The Subscription Manager is compatible with all of sellXed's payment modules without having to carry out any adjustments:

The biggest innvovation is that you can process every payment method. This also applies to payment methods which usually can't be used for subscriptions as no payment information can be saved. In the case of these payment methods, the extension simply sends out a payment through which the customer can pay for the next period. .

Here you can find an overview of all the features:
- Selling of subscriptions for all of Magento's product groups except for Grouped Products
- Freely definable subscription intervals and cancellation periods
- Freely definable reminder e-mail templates for payment as well as payment information updates
- Freely definable period for the debiting of the cart
- Fixed shipping costs or shipping costs in connection with the initial order
- Sign-Up Fee or Discout
- Indications in the back-end concerning failed subscriptions
- Intelligent test mode to test the integration
- Possibility of exclusion of certain products from the subscription feature
- Setting of minimal and maximal order totals
Release Notes

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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by customweb

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Customer avatar
You can exclude products for which it should not be possible to be ordered with a subscription right? If I only want the subsc. option for some items I have to exclude each and every new product... Is it possible to only define some products for which the subscription method works?
11 months ago
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Customer avatar
We need to have only Paypal and in checkout. Whether this extension supports these to payment methods?
karthi skb
10 months ago
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Customer avatar
Hello, we are very interested in your subscriptions module, but we need to know about the integration of this ext in the paypal process, specially regard the unpayments for recurrent charges.

We have several magento projects, we area looking for modules that became part of our standard ones, so is important to know your sugestions and comments regard this question.

Kind regards
2 months, 1 week ago
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