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Magik Extra Fee is the most powerful extension for creating unlimited extra fees & surcharges.
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Extra Fee

Magik Extra Fee is the most powerful and feature rich extension for creating flexible extra fees and additional charges ( like Gift Wrap, Insurance, Rush Delivery etc.) for Magento-powered ecommerce stores.

» Store frontend:
» Store backend:

Full Feature Set:
Create Extra Fee for Products:
You can create extra fee at the individual product level in your Magento store with the Magik Extra Fee extension. This allows you to add extra fees for certain products and not other. For example, some products which are fragile may have an extra fee for insurance which a customer may choose. Creating extra fees at the product level allows you to offer additional services to your customers while empowering you with new monetization options.

Create Extra Fee for Categories:
You can create extra fees at the category level within your Magento store so the fee is applies to all products within that category (as well as sub-category). This is a very useful feature that allows you to create an extra free for an entire group of products at once and manage it a lot more easily than having to create it one by one for each of the products.

Create Extra Fee for Sub-categories:
Magik Extra Fee extension also allows you to create an extra fee or charge for a smaller set of products within a category that are define with a sub-category. In this case, the extra fee appears on all products that belong to the particular sub-category only. The extra fee that is applied at the sub-category level does not appear at the category level products at all.

Create Extra Fee for Shipping:
Creating a wide range of shipping options is a awesome way of servicing your customers effectively while create new revenue streams for your Magento store. Our Magento Extra Fee extension allows you to create one or more shipping related extra fees as required and they all appear in the shipping section in the shopping cart display.

Multiple Extra Fees:
You can create multiple extra fees for any product. Any one product may have a product-level, category-level, sub-category-level and shipping level extra fees associated with it and while this can get complicated our Magento Extra Fees extension is designed to be dead easy to use and manage.

Manage your Extra Fee:
You can manage all your extra fee from a single place in your Magento store administration panel. Simply go to the Magik Extra Free tab and you can add, edit or delete the extra fees in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, the extension is designed with ease of use in mind so it is very easy to understand all the fees that may have been created in your Magento store over a period of time.

Fixed or Percentage:
You can define your Magento extra fee as a fixed amount or as a percentage allowing you flexibility to choose the option that is most appropriate for your needs. These two options cover the most wide range of extra fee requirements we have come across in interviewing customers. If you need any other type, you can email us at

Mandatory or Optional:
Another important feature of our extra fee extension is that every extra fee that is defined at the product, category, sub-category or shipping levels can be made mandatory or kept optional. This covers all sorts of scenarios you may encounter in your online business for charging additional fees.

Free Extension Updates:
We will support Magento Extra Fees extension for 6 months after purchase. If you find any bugs or errors within the magento extension, contact us via email and we will get them resolved quickly. If you have any questions about the compatibility of our Extra Fee Magento extension with other third party extensions, please contact us at

Customer Testimonials:
I had this situation where i wanted to charge my customers a one time setup fee regardless of the quantity purchased. After installing the extension i inquired whether this is possible. Support guys responded nicely and pushed the functionality quickly in their next version. This is what i call EXCELLENT SUPPORT.

Fortunately, their support team is awesome and i got the extension working perfectly in few hours. I have high regards for their support team and i must admit they are way too different then the other Magento solution providers/vendors who take days to respond even for your simplest requests.

The Extra Fee module worked as specified - and as needed (most important!) I did have a cosmetic problem with respect to another Magento extension, and the Magik Support Team was VERY timely (even though they are like 10 time zones away!) and did a great job fixing the problem. I definitely agree that the support team is EXCELLENT. Thank you Magik Commerce!

» Download the installation manual on the Magik Extra Fee page on our website.
» Get installation helps or questions answers by our expert team via email:

Fanatical Support:
Simply email us at

Browser Tested:
Cross browser Compatible

Versions Supported:
» Community Editions: 1.8
» Community Editions: 1.7.x
» Community Editions: 1.6.x
» Community Editions: 1.5.x
» Community Editions: 1.4.x (require extra customization)
Release Notes

New Features Added

2013-04-05 06:42:37
  • Version number: 4.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
  • Added support for multiple stores
  • Added support for multiple languages
  • Added support for creating Flat Fee
  • Ability to apply fee on order total
  • Ability to create orders from admin and use product & category fees
  • Fix bug related to custom option while editing from cart
  • Added support to apply fee for product,category
  • All product & category type fees can be mandatory or optional
  • Apply multiple fees for product as well as category
  • Fee details are now passed via emails and displayed under order review (Admin side)
  • Magik Fee extension allows the Admin User to add the extra fees during checkout

    2010-02-18 17:38:21
    • Version number: 1.0
    • Stability: Stable
    • Compatibility: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2
    Magik Fee extension allows the Admin User to add the extra fees during checkout

    Magik Fee extension allows the Admin User to add the extra fees during checkout

    2010-02-11 14:27:53
    • Version number: 0.003
    • Stability: Beta
    • Compatibility: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2
    Magik Fee extension allows the Admin User to add the extra fees during checkout

    Magik Fee extension allows the Admin User to add the extra fees during checkout

    2009-12-29 18:16:38
    • Version number: 0.002
    • Stability: Beta
    • Compatibility: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2
    Magik Fee extension allows the Admin User to add the extra fees during checkout

    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by MagikCommerce

    Extra Fee 4.7 5 14 14
    Worked for us! This extension helped us adding new features to our shopping cart. Good customer service. February 13, 2014
    Useful extension with great support Working as described, easy to use, customisable installation and extremely fast and useful e-mail support January 29, 2014
    customer service is very good. customer service is very good. Them solved my two problems. January 6, 2014
    customer service is very good. customer service is very good. them solved my two problems. January 6, 2014
    The extension is great and the support is also great I had some troubles installing the fee extension and the support was great helping me. December 9, 2013
    Allows us to charge for insurance This extension works great. Developer support is excellent. Only wish is that I could charge tiered insurance amounts based on order value. Also, I wish I could generate reports to see how much insurance has been generated. Solid extension though. December 4, 2013
    Extra fee works Great extension, works as promised and i got really good support. Can only recommend it highly! November 23, 2013
    Exactly what I was looking for I tried every hack out there, finally came across this product. It accomplished exactly what I was looking for I wish I would have found this much sooner. Spent way to long. I did have a minor issue which ended up being my fault for not reading the readme file, support helped me through it in a matter of minutes from when I contacted them. I highly recommend this product if you're looking to add a set fee to a product or category. I believe it does other fees as well, but I've only used it for category and product. August 19, 2013
    Excellent Functionality but includes Security Issues This is a well thought out extension at a very reasonable price with great features. However, while it functions effectively, the code is written without regard to standard coding practices and security concerns. Specifically, the code includes raw SQL queries rather than relying on standard Magento database ORM capabilities. This neither protects against SQL injection nor Cross-Site Scripting attacks that are common tactics among hackers to inject malicious code onto visiting client computers. In summary, I absolutely love the added functionality, but hope it gets cleaned up significantly in regard to security. June 4, 2013
    This extension is wonderful, thank you for it! There is just one STRANGE issue. I applied it to a bunch of products, (grouped), the master AND the simples and its working for all grouped products except for one. It is very odd, they are all set up the same way. Has anyone else had this issue? It's baffling! January 14, 2013
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    Can this extension apply fees based on location? ( state / province / etc )?

    9 months ago
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    I have multiple payment type, and for somes, I would like to add a fee, if the user select those payment types. Is this possible for this extension?
    6 months ago
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