Price system / customer specific prices / price lists / customer discounts / customer group discounts / category discounts

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Create customer individual prices, customer discounts, customer group discounts, price list & much more.
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Price system / customer specific prices / price lists / customer discounts / customer group discounts / category discounts


With our extension pricesystem you are able to create every price scenario you like to have in your Magento shop. For example, you are able to create global discounts for customers & customer groups, customer specific prices & discounts, price lists, category prices / discounts and much more. We are also offering a functionality where you can define your own rule. Products and Customer can be included / or excluded for some discounts / special prices. Comes with awesome API (CSV, SOAP, REST).

Functional overview

1. Customer ID

The module adds a customer id to the system. This supports you at editing customer data and extends module e.g. import/export of the data.

  • Adds a new attribute to the customers data
  • Visibility of the customer id at the customer grid view in backend
  • Login with customer id (as alternate to mail address)
  • Customer id can be displayed at various place (e.g. template or transactional mail)
  • Import/Export of the customer id through magentos dataflow profile (customer)
  • Settings according auto increment (if should set automatically) and placeholder, e.g. CID-0049

2. Customer individual prices

You can set individual prices per product and per customer.

  • Individual prices per product and per customer
  • Individual tierprices per product and per customer
  • Set time (from ... to) to set up prices with a time (e.g. special price for a few days)

3. Discounts

Set up customer discounts. You can set up discounts global, at customer group or individual per product/customer.

  • Global customer discount in %
  • Customer group discount in %
  • Discount per product / customer in %

4. Price lists

Link products, customer and customer groups and add there fore individual price lists.

  • Add price lists with name, products, customers and customer groups
  • Time settings(from,to) for price lists

5. Include and exclude products and / or customers

  • Include and exclude specific customers for different price types
  • Include and exclude specific products for different price types

6. Import/Export

  • Import/Export CSV for customer specific prices and customer specific discounts
  • Import/Export CSV for price lists
  • Call of dataflow interface over an external file possible (e.g. for using cronjobs)

7. Price order

You can choose, which price order will be used. This setting can be made global, customer-group-specific and also customer specific. You can define, wheather the lowest, highest or a price configured by price order will be choosen for your customer.

  • Global setting for all customers
  • Settings for customer groups
  • Customer-specific setting

8. Settings

In the settings you can make lots of configurations, e.g. how the module should define prices. Additionally, a logging-function is available to log price system.

  • Activate attributes for discountable (products) and verify (customers)
  • Validation of the attributes discountable & verify (according to price types)
  • Logging functionality

9. Validation / Product types

You can use our extension with the product types "simple product", "configurable product", "grouped product" and "virtual product". You can also choose different prices for different websites if this is configured in your store.

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We are offering

  • excellent module quality
  • support via mail and telephone
  • paid services (consulting, customization, development)
Release Notes

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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by mageb2b

Price system / customer specific prices / price lists / customer discounts / customer group discounts / category discounts 0 5 2 2
The module was installed easily and works very good. If you have a lot of products with special prices this module is very good because you can have all the special price products in one list, this will ease your maintenance of the prices. Also the possibility to make special prices/discounts for categories. October 1, 2012
username and password of frontend doesn't work on demo site. September 13, 2012
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