Sales Representative Commission Manager - Deluxe Edition

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The ultimate tool for tracking performance, commissions, and sales of both employees and teams.
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Sales Representative Commission Manager - Deluxe Edition

Building on the popularity of our successful Basic and Pro versions, our Deluxe edition adds an unprecedented level of control for larger businesses and more sophisticated needs. With Deluxe edition, you can now track exact employee earnings, pay commissions, and view at-a-glance metrics to monitor key performance indicators not only for individuals, but also for teams. With full manager capabilities, product-level commission details, and even dedicated sales rep to customer assignment, Deluxe is the product of over 4 years of development, feedback, and innovation.

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Our most advanced module easily enables you to:

• Track sales by day, week, month, or year
• Tabulate and compile commissions earnings for both representatives and their managers
• Keep track of which commissions have been paid out
• See sales for any specified time period
• Assign custom commission percentages to products with high or low margins
• Create manager-employee relationships and build teams
• Assign sales reps to customers semi-permanently for a better service experience
• View an employee’s change in performance for any time period
• Have complete control over permissions to create tiers of information in your organization
• See the exact sales figures – and their corresponding order numbers – for every employee and manager
• Track sales rep for orders that come in through your front page
• Ensure that orders put in manually through your admin panel are also credited to the appropriate representative
• Create fun and motivational sales competitions within your own company
• Automatically receive email reports for you and your employees
• View representative and commission info at-a-glance from a modified order grid
• Enable or Disable front page rep selection
• Input orders for other reps using an optional back-end selector

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. First, our Magento Sales Rep Commission Module adds a configurable drop-down menu to your site’s one-page-checkout. You specify the message, for example “Which Representative Helped You Today?” as well as the options. You can leave employees out, or add extra names if you want your organization to seem larger than it is.

Next, this information, along with information for manually submitted orders (phone orders, for example) is compiled, and easily accessed through the “Reports” heading in your admin panel. With Deluxe, you can specify custom commission rates both for employees and for their managers, and use the added reporting functionality to manage and keep track of which commissions have been paid out, and which ones have not. You can also specify different commission rates for each product, if you like!

Everything works as if it were an out-of-the-box Magento feature. The interfaces look the same, the code follows accepted Magento programming practices, and it generates your reports lightning fast.

Purchase today and see how Lucid Path’s Sales Rep Commission Manager puts you back in control of your team.

Installation is automated through Magento Connect – Simply go to and upload the downloaded files where it says “Direct package file upload.” Installation will be completed on the server automatically. For modified stores, professional installation available.

Release Notes

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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by Lucid_Path

Sales Representative Commission Manager - Deluxe Edition 5 5 2 2
Works perfectly! This is exactly what we needed to track individual sales. The reporting works great and the developers were helpful and affordable for customizations. I would recommend this for anyone who needs to track commissions in Magento. October 15, 2014
Everything I need! Every Store owner has different needs. In my case, once a Rep has helped a customer, he is assigned to that customer for life. I struggled to find an extension that would do that until I found the Sales Representative Commission Manager. Customers only see the Step "How did you hear about us" on their first order. Once they have selected the sales rep who's responsible for their purchase, they wont be asked again! Highly Recommended! June 24, 2014
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Commission Thresholds

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Can you set threshold limits before a sales rep will start to build up their commission rate? and can the total sales be used as the commssion threshold?

For example, if a 'sales rep' has to make a minimum total sales value of £15,000 to receive a fixed commission rate of £900. Then at £25,000 the commission would be a fixed rate of £1,500. Then at £30k sales rep receives £2k. Can this type of threshold behaviour be achieved?

Remember this is based on the TOTAL of all sales values for any product.

6 months ago
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0 answers

tier commission

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Hello, I would put in my magento site system to pay the following commission, the seller gets 10%, the supervisor earns 3% of sales of the seller, the regional manager earns 2% of the sale of the seller and the general manager gets 1 % of sale from the seller, and the website owner earns 3.5% of total sales. The module you have the control to do this? I'm from Brazil and my Ligua is the Portuguese have the translation? I look back. Thank you.
1 month, 1 week ago
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