Product Attachments by Amasty

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Let Product Pages sell more!
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Product Attachments by Amasty

Please find full description, live demo and user guide at Magento Product Attachments module page

Amasty Info

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Provide customers with comprehensive information about products, such as user guides, warranties and so on, using attachment functionality.

  • Unlimited number of files and various file types
  • Download stats reports
  • Complete multi-store support
  • Manage display priority for attachments
  • Nice icons for each file type to make pages more attractive
  • Content marketing tool able to complete a real product picture

    Give additional info about the product

    Some complex products need special methods of sales. You can add instructions, compliance certificates or interesting use cases to Magento product attachments and customers will be able to see the value of your products much better.

    Improve product page presentation

    Customers should see only useful product info, which will help them to take one more step to checkout. Additional information may be present on a product page, but it should have appropriate format and customers should be able to choose whether to see it.

    Develop content sharing strategy

    Everybody knows about usefulness of content-marketing. The extension gives you one more tool to develop content sharing in your store.

    Product Attachments

    Catalog - product file - icons

    Make your pages alive

    Icons are a great tool to attract customers’ attention to attached product files. Give customers extra guarantees that your products are the best not only using product description, but also adding important files to it.

    Upload icon images for different file types

    You can assign an individual icon to each specific file type. There’s no limit for the number of icons you can have.

    10 nice icons to start

    There are 10 icons included in the extension. Of course you can change them at any time to make your store look more individual and vivid.

    Product Attachments File Icons

    Catalog - product file - reports

    View reports containing data about downloaded files.

    With this Magento file manager you’ll able to view reports containing such info as date, product id, product name, file name, default file label, file url, file rating and store view. You can also use Magento download option and export reports to CSV format in order to analyze and collect the information about useful downloads.

    Collect different reports for each store view.

    Track trends of valuable info for each store view you have. Create reports for different stores in order to make your stores culturally sensitive. You can view reports by day, month and year.

    Analyze reports to improve product presentation

    Find out what data is popular among customers to adjust to their tastes and needs and offer high quality relevant content in the future.

    Catalog - Product Files tab

    Upload product files

    Magento file upload tool enables you to upload unlimited number of files and countless number of file types (avi, txt, pgf, doc, etc.)

    Name the files the way you want customers to see them

    In ‘Title’ field you can specify a file name which will be shown to customers on the front end.

    Mark files for your own recognition

    ‘File Name’ field reflects the name of the file as it is on your computer. However, you have an ability to change the name thanks to this Magento file attachment extension. It may be useful if you want to show different file names to customers and yourself, for example, to recognize needed files in the reports.

    Make files visible or invisible to customers

    There’s no need to upload files over and over again. You can hide files from your customers and make them visible at any time you need.

    Select sorting priority of the files

    Show customers the most significant files first. Type numbers from 0 in ‘Sort Order’ field to give priority to the files. The smaller number a file has the higher position it will take.

    ‘Use default value’ checkbox

    This option is extremely handy if you’re using different store views. For example, you have 2 store views – English and Spanish. English store view in the default one, it has its own files and settings. So if you want the Spanish store view products to have values in Spanish, you don’t need to use the checkbox. And if you want the Spanish store view products to have the same values as English store view, you can use the checkbox.

    Product Attachments user guide Product Attachments user guide

    Live Demo: Frontend and Backend

    Amasty Store

    Extension Updates Log:

    Version 1.3.0 - Apr 18, 2014
    – Auto detect mime types. Optional. It means some files like PDF customer can open right in the browser window instead of downloading on the hard disc.
    – Files validation now allows uploading attachments with complex types, like "tar.gz".

    Version 1.2.9 - Apr 14, 2014
    – Mass action to copy attachments to many products at once.
    – Mass action to remove files right from the product grid.

    Version 1.2.8 - Feb 24, 2014
    – Correct timezone filter for download reports.

    Version 1.2.7 - Feb 20, 2014
    – Bugfix for deleting file icons.

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    Release Notes

    There are no uploaded releases.


    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by Amasty

    Product Attachments by Amasty 5 5 4 4
    Another great extension from Amasty I have bought another extension from Amasty so knew the quality of the extension would be good as is the support, I am extremely happy with the extension, easy to use, looks good on the website and has great features. I have a custom theme on my website but Amasty support responded very quickly to my ticket, kept me fully updated and solved the problem very quickly and this was theme related and nothing to do with the extension, the support from Amasty has always been excellent, I highly recommend Amasty as a truly professional Magento Extension Developer, they will always be my go to developer for any Magento extension. January 6, 2015
    Simply perfect The module is just what I was looking for! Awesome icons, all that I need and even a bit more. Great service and support. I am very pleased all round. November 10, 2014
    Really does what it promises I’ve been using this app for a month already. You know, there is to pick at. Indeed, it works like a charm. I managed to cope with its settings without the help of support guys and attach all necessary PDFs to my product pages. Hope other Amasty mods are as easy-to-use as this one. October 13, 2014
    Nice product for reasonable price I liked the extension after several month of usage. The main feature I recomend is copy attachments, if you have the same attachments for several products you can just copy them, no upload for each product, saves time for me because I have more than 2000 i tems on my shop. Thanks to customer support, very fast in answering my questions. October 10, 2014
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