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Allow vendors to sell their own products on your website.Vendors can manage his products, orders, shipments...
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Multiple Vendor Marketplace

Magento Multiple Vendors Flow

Magento Marketplace is a multiple vendor marketplace extension. A vendor can create his own seller account on the marketplace website. Vendors can easily add and manage their own products within the MarketPlace.

Customers will visit to Marketplace website, search and buy products. Money will be transferred to Marketplace owner and system will add the money to the vendors credit account. Website owners can charge additional fees for each transaction the Vendor gains. Vendors can then withdraw the money from his credit account to his bank or paypal at any time.

Vendors can manage orders, create shipments for orders.then ship products to customer all from a very easy to use management interface.

Customer can leave reviews/ratings for Vendors every time an order is placed, allowing for a very safe shopping experience for all.

Vendor Group

The Magento marketplace provides the ability to manage vendors by group. You can set commission for each group by percent of any order or fixed amount. So you can set up different commission for each group e.g. Free vendor will need to pay 15% for each order, Gold vendors, who pay $100/month, will not need be charged any fee per order.

Manage vendor groups

Supported Payment Methods

The Magento marketplace extension supports all the same payment methods as magento standard. If you get any problem with your payment method please contact us to get assistance.

Vendor Login

The vendor login page is different from the customer login page. Vendors can use their vendor identifier or email to login.

Vendor Register

Vendor Register New Account

The marketplace extension allows vendor and sellers to register for an account to start selling products on the marketplace website. You can disable this feature from configuration as well.

Vendor Register

Vendor Forgot Password

If a vendor does not remember his password, he can recover it simply by clicking forgot password. You simply need to enter the vendor identifier or the email assigned to the account and then an email providing the new password will be sent out.

Vendor Register

Vendor Account Approval

After a vendor registers for an account on the market place they may need to verify his email account and wait for an admin to approve the account. Admins can disable these step from configuration as well.

Manage vendor groups

Admins can filter pending vendors and approve or disable vendors.

Approve Vendor

Vendor Dashboard

From the vendor dashboard, vendors will have an overview about their store. The vendor will able to see the credit amount, total sales, last 5 orders, last 5 transactions, last 5 reviews, ...

Vendor Dashboard

Vendor Manages Products

A vendor is able to manage their products from vendor control panel. Vendors have full access to their products. Vendors products may need to be reviewed and approved by the admin.

Vendor Manages Products

Vendor's Product Approval

All newly added products may need to be approved by Admin before it can be published live to the marketplace website.

Vendor's Product Approval

Admins can disable the product approval from configuration.

Vendor Product Configuration

Multiple Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is divided into multiple shopping carts per vendor. Customers will process to checkout for each shopping cart.

Multiple shopping cart

Vendor Manages Orders

Vendors are allowed to manage only their orders.

Manage Orders

Vendors can view order information, add comments to order and create shipments for each orders.

View Order

Vendor Manage Shipments

Vendors can create shipments for their orders. Vendor will also be able to see the list of shipments and print them together or separated.

Manage Shipments

Vendors can view shipment information, add comments, and tracking numbers to shipments.

View Order

Vendor Credit Account

Each vendor will have his own credit account. After a customer pays for an order, the money will be added to vendor credit account. Vendor can see his credit amount from dashboard.

Manage Shipments

Vendor can withdraw the money from his credit account to his Bank, Paypal,...

Vendor Withdraw Money

After a vendor submitsa withdrawal they can see all withdrawal requests and their status.

Withdrawal history

Release Notes

There are no uploaded releases.


About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by VnEcoms

Multiple Vendor Marketplace 3 5 2 2
Bad extensión and add ons, it doesn't work as expected Hi, Bad extension and add ons, it doesn't work as expected, it has a lot of issues out of the box that they doesn't seem to be working on. Beware of this extension, I bought it two months ago and it's time that cannot figure it out how to make it work. You will need to hire a magento developer to fix all the issues. July 30, 2014
Fantastic Extension and Support! This is how an extension and support should be. There was a couple of minor twitches that needed sorting after install and it's hard to express how fantastic the support is for this product. Nothing was too much trouble and everything fixed / improved promptly. I even suggested an improvement for future updates and this was implemented without me even asking! Also, I asked for some specific functionality which I could have had done for free but that wouldn't have survived any upgrades, so I chose to pay a very small amount for a plugin and am extremely happy with the result. There are a couple of things are worth mentioning which make this plugin better that doesn't perhaps come across in the promotional material: * To allocate a product to a customer, all you do is enter the seller ID in the product admin and a couple of other settings and your done. It's so fast. This also makes find products which have been allocated much faster too because a quick search in the product grid can be done. * This is a great extension which can be installed after your site is live because there is a way to manually add commission due to a seller. * I use a point of sale system on an iPad (the ebizmarts one if your interested). This extension works perfectly with that. These points are on top of what you would expect to see and everything advertised works perfectly. I would highly recommend this plugin and the support is simply fantastic. Adrian May 13, 2014
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I interested in buying this extension. Please give me a demo. :)
3 months, 2 weeks ago
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This is the demo link:
3 months, 1 week ago
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0 answers

is this open source

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Is this module is completely open source ? can we make changes and
modification on this. Do we need any license for editing the module
after purchase.
2) Can i collect events like ( order purchase ,shipping, etc) and
integrate my own SMS system to this module on events
3)Can I edit vendor commission system (i would like to have fixed margin apart from % and both some times).
Thank you for your help in advance,I am really glad for your help
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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Customer avatar
Hi there

wish to demo your site, but your DEMO GUIDE window is in the way!

I have other questions to but would rather keep them private

please email me ASAP - I would like to purchase .... now.
2 months, 3 weeks ago
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