Multichannel Order Manager (MOM) Integration (Export & Import)

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Integrating Magento with Dydacomp's Multichannel Order Manager (Mail Order Manager MOM) has never been easier.
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Multichannel Order Manager (MOM) Integration (Export & Import)

Integrating Magento Commerce with Dydacomp's Multichannel Order Manager (also known as Mail Order Manager or MOM) has never been easier. Using the Magento Integration Suite by XTENTO, setting up a bidirectional connection between Magento and MOM is a breeze. Trusted by dozens of customers, this integration proves the capabilities of the Magento Integration Suite system.

The integration consists of three separate parts which are stand-alone and can be purchased individually or altogether:

Order Export to Mail Order Manager

Stop entering orders manually today! The integration will automatically sync all your new Magento orders into MOM every couple of minutes. This task can be started and disabled in MOM on demand. All details of an order, including customer details, the billing and shipping address, payment details, item details (including discounts) and custom options will be sent to MOM. It is also possible to transfer Authorize.net payment details to authorize in Magento and to capture payments in MOM. This gives you the flexibility to process imported orders just like if you entered them directly into MOM.

Tracking Status Import from Mail Order Manager into Magento

Let's be honest: Creating invoices, shipments and adding tracking numbers in Magento is an extremely time-consuming and annoying job, especially if you're processing more than a couple of orders every day. Using this part of the integration, the status and tracking number import will be completely automated - you won't have do anything manually in Magento anymore. Our software will send shipped orders from MOM to Magento, creates the invoice (optional), captures the payment (optional), creates the shipment for the order (optional), adds the tracking number, notifies the customer that their order has been invoiced/shipped (optional) and will set the order status to 'Complete'.

Inventory Synchronization

Having the latest and most up-to-date inventory levels in your Magento store can be mission-critical, both for you, the store owner, as well as for your customers. Selling something not in stock will cause trouble and argue the customer, who might not return to purchase anything off you again. Using our integration, it is possible to prevent just this - the inventory levels will be synced into Magento using a cronjob automatically.

Included: Amazon Order Import Compatibility

This integration is also compatible with Camiloo's Amazon integration. Using Camiloo's Amazon integration and our MOM integration, you will then also be able to import your Amazon orders into MOM without the need to purchase the official MOM Amazon module which costs $995. The Camiloo Amazon integration also comes with a lot more features compared to the official MOM Amazon module.
(The Camiloo Amazon Integration needs to be purchased separately.)


Please visit our store for more information about this integration or contact us at info@xtento.com. We'll be happy to help!

MOM Version Compatibility

This integration is compatible with every MOM version from 5.0 through version 7.x. Now compatible with MOM V8 as well! Both the FoxPro as well as the SQL editions are supported. This product is also compatible with both the US as well as the UK version of MOM. Please make sure your MOM version features the 'Order Import/Export Module' located at 'Options'. (See screenshot)

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About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by XTENTO

Multichannel Order Manager (MOM) Integration (Export & Import) 5 5 3 3
Exceptional Extension and Support We chose this extension to bridge Magento and Multi-Channel Order Manager (MOM), version 7i for importing orders into MOM and pushing shipping and order complete status back to Magento from MOM. We further used a customer feed set up by Mercent that imports Amazon, Ebay, etc.. into Magento and then these orders come down into MOM through Xtento as well. Xtento is the perfect solution. A lot of thought was placed into this application including an Audit folder so you can check to make sure the correct orders came down in the previous import should any questions arise. For those who are MOM users (regardless of version), you know how difficult it is to make other applications interact with MOM without a lot of technical hurdles to overcome. Not with Xtento. We had the Xtento solution up and working within a day and Sebastian and Jill helped us further customize it from there. I’ve never had such an easy time with the installation and deployment of an extension. Also, Sebastian and Jill’s technical support and response time is the best I’ve experienced with any IT company ever. I firmly support this developer and his Xtento product. February 20, 2014
I am so thrilled with this extetion and the company Xtento I'm leaving this review specifically to encourage other MOM / Magento users to get it. It's simple to use and has cut processing time down to just a few minutes every day. And it's a bargin. Definitely pay the few hundred dollars for the installation. The service I got from Xtento was fantastic. Sebastian and Jill who went above and beyond in helping me get this installed before Black Friday / Cyber Monday. November 23, 2012
I highly recommend this extension if you are using MOM (Multichannel Order Manager) by Dydacomp; and I recommend purchasing the installation. Sebastian was more than helpful and got our company up and running in about a week's time. This extension has saved us a LOT of time and also eliminated the possibility of user error on order input. We're using this with Magento CE v1.6.1.0 and it works perfectly. January 18, 2012
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