Retain Customers with iContact Integration by Windsor Circle

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Integrate Magento with iContact. Instantly build targeted customer segments based on purchase history data.
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Retain Customers with iContact Integration by Windsor Circle

Prices start at $4,200 for an annual subscription.

Feel free to contact us at (877) 848-4113 or magento (at)

Windsor Circle's integration connects Magento's eCommerce platform to a merchant’s iContact email marketing account, helping online retailers sell even more.

With Windsor Circle connecting Magento to iContact, you can easily and automatically gather and analyze customer purchase history data to create targeted customer segments in your email platform. Magento merchants can now send the Right Emails, at the Right Time, to the Right Customers based on automated business intelligence.

Increase Email Marketing Revenue
  • Windsor Circle's Magento to iContact integration increases revenue for online Marketers by freeing data locked in the eCommerce ecosystem.

  • Instant Access to Purchase History Data in iContact
    Our software integrates Magento with iContact, providing your email marketing team with instant access to purchase history, order management, and other eCommerce data.

    Right Email, Right Customer, Right Time
  • Within days, we’ll automatically populate your iContact account with highly targeted customer segments, including Best, Loyal, and Churning Customers, so you can send the Right Email, at the Right Time, to the Right Customers.

  • Simple Integration
  • It's easy to get Windsor Circle's Magento-to-iContact software installed and running. First, purchase and download the software package with installation instructions from our website. Next, upload the software to your Magento account. Third, set up an account and subscription service with our team, and we’ll fully activate the extension within 5 business days. At that point, we start pulling customer purchase records from Magento, analyzing them, and uploading the customer information directly to iContact.

  • Automatic Customer Segmentation
  • Windsor Circle's Magento to iContact integration automatically identifies, and updates, customer segments like: Big Spenders, Frequent Buyers, New Customers, and more.

  • Behavioral and Product Segmentation
  • Magento to iContact integration gives you the ability to segment customers according to products purchased - including brand, category and price - or based on purchase behavior: how often, how much and when. This instant access to customer information is proven to generate increased revenue and save you time.

  • Product Recommendations
  • Magento to iContact integration creates product recommendations unique for each customer. Our software will set up fields in iContact containing individual product details, including product name, description, image, pricing, etc... and enable you to send highly targeted, unique recommendations to customers based on multiple factors.

  • Better Segmentation Enables Targeted Campaigns
    Magento to iContact integration provides customer and business intelligence, and enables you to leverage the data you have in Magento and automatically build and update targeted customer segments in iContact. You can then deploy powerful and effective email marketing campaigns like:
  • "Replenishment" campaigns that target consumable products like dog food or lotion
  • "Win-back" campaigns to latent customers who purchased in the past, but not recently
  • Create an automated "Welcome Series" for a first time buyer
  • Reward "Best Customers" with insider specials
  • Cross-sell accessories to expensive products
  • Deploy brand-based campaigns for popular items
  • Targeted coupon and discount offers that reach the right customers with the right offer
  • Uncovering and tailoring campaigns to wealthy customers who live in high-income zip codes
  • Marketing expensive products and upgrades to your "Biggest Spenders"
  • Smart "Related Item" product recommendation campaigns to cross-sell complimentary products
  • Geo-targeted email based on proximity to a store location to boost in-store traffic
  • Create repeat customers and loyalty from one time purchasers

  • Achieve Real Results
    Windsor Circle was founded by email marketers and eCommerce experts, who understand online retailers' goals and challenges alike - we've been there. Making the most of your customer data - from the products they've purchased, to their demographics, to their purchase and engagement history - is invaluable, but often hard to do.

    Getting it right leads to phenomenal results from more intelligent email marketing campaigns that your customers want to open, because they speak directly to them. In the fierce and growing competition for inbox attention, you can't afford to send generic messages. Our customers' results speak for themselves. We look forward to helping you!

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