Loyalty Program by Amasty

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Reward customers with discounts. It will automatically increase average order amount and drive more sales
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Loyalty Program by Amasty

Please find full description, live demo and user guide at Magento Loaylty Program module page.

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Why do you need Loyalty program?

Loyalty Programs have a huge positive impact on emotions and, as well-known, decision-making is 70% emotional and 30% rational according to behavioral economists.

Providing customers with positive shopping experience is the way to spread the word about your brand and attract clients to your store at a low cost.

According to FiveStars loyalty study, loyalty program members are 70% more likely to share news about your brand in social media and spend over 10X times more at your store than new customers.

Knowing all these facts It’s up to you whether to apply a discount program or not.

  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Respond to competitive challenges
  • Create brand advocates
  • Build a strong brand by offering unique and useful rewards
  • Initiate a promotional platform to drive marketing campaigns
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Support Best customer marketing (BCM)
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    Reward customers and stimulate them to make purchases at the same time

  • Customer account area is the perfect place for describing your Loyalty Program terms, especially when there’s an ability to use rich html with images in the description. Customers must see what is needed to be done to get discounts in order to willingly participate in the program.
  • Loyalty Program Tab also reflects total, last and this month purchase statistics, which is a guarantee of getting discounts for clients. Correct statistics is important for customers as it is the basis of their trust.
  • magento loyalty program    loyalty program

    Create targeted loyalty program offers

    Conduct business with customers individually in order to better understand their needs. Offer different levels of discount program to customers with various purchase history situations. Add comprehensive number of loyalty program options to foresee and satisfy any client case and also to give customers objectives to reach.

  • Various options of Loyalty Program
  • Targeted discounts for any customer segment
  • Unlimited number of Shopping Cart Price rules
  • magento loyalty program

    Build a comprehensive database on purchasing behavior

    Assign customers to particular groups according to their purchasing behavior, which will be the basement of Loyalty Program levels for your store. Apply Loyalty Program and give discounts only to specific customer groups with positive purchase history. Use coupons for rewarding customers.

  • Use coupons for rewarding
  • Separate customer groups discount support
  • Multiple coupons auto generation
  • magento loyalty program

    Move customers up from one spending level to the next one

    Create conditions based on Purchase History, Order Subselection, Cart and Customer Attributes. By encouraging customers to buy more you’ll have a valid reason to upgrade their accounts, which will provide them with bigger discounts and you with more profit.

    Discount Program is based on:

  • Purchase History
  • Order Subselection
  • Cart Attributes
  • Customer Attributes
  • magento loyalty program

    Retain existing customers and get back the defected ones

    Loyalty Program helps to care for your existing customers and give you the power to return the defected ones. Remember customers’ order amounts and pay them back with discounts, it’s one of the main reasons for them to come back to your store. Use Order Subselection options for rewarding customers with good order history.

    Order Subselection includes:

  • Average Order Value
  • Total sales Amount
  • Number of Placed Orders
  • magento loyalty program

    Make customers for life using Individual Promotions

    Create individual Loyalty Program rules for the most loyal customers. Show the most loyal customers you value them through providing them with special order terms. Create coupons and shopping cart price rules for individual customers based on customer attributes, Email, Last Name or TAX/VAT number.

    Individual Promotions are created based on:

  • Email
  • Last Name or ID
  • TAX/VAT number
  • magento loyalty program

    Stimulate guest customers to register

    Limit access to discount deals from guest customers in order to save money on customer involvement. Open Up loyalty program offers only for clients with long membership period, who are loyal to your store. Try to apply the strategy of Best customer marketing, which is - spend more time, effort, and money on the best customers in order to maximize the return on investment.

  • Apply Membership Days attribute
  • Give discounts to truly loyal customers
  • Follow Best Customer Marketing strategy
  • magento loyalty program

    Reduce promotional and advertising costs

    The best way to attract clients and extend their lifetime cycle is to always conduct interesting and surprising promotions. 17 shopping cart price rule actions are the best way to never tire customers with same and boring deals. This is the solution to make existing customers loyal and new customers involved with minimal investment. Remember that 20% of customers bring about 80% of your revenue.

  • Best deals with 17 shopping cart price rule actions
  • New customers with minimum investment
  • Combine Loyalty Program and Promotions
  • magento loyalty program

    Free shipping is always a great bonus to purchase

    Make free shipping option a part of loyalty program. Customers gladly buy products if free shipping is promised. According to a recent comScore survey, 61 percent of consumers say they will cancel their purchase if free shipping isn't offered. Liberate two birds in one day – get customers into the sales funnel and make them loyal in the long term.

  • Give a stimulus to continue shopping
  • Free shipping as a bonus for loyalty
  • Free shipping for particular products
  • magento loyalty program

    Clearly show what the reason for the discount was

    Let customers see why they get discounts. Clear list of actions and corresponding rewards for doing them are the best incentives for customers’ activity. Show clients the name of the discount like ‘Discount for VIP customers’ and they’ll feel how much you value them.

  • Give a name to discount displayed at the checkout
  • Explain what to do to get discounts
  • Surprise customers at the checkout to increase satisfaction
  • magento loyalty program

    Loyalty Program user guide Loyalty Program user guide

    Live Demo: Backend

    Amasty Store

    Extension Updates Log:

    Version 1.4.4 - Nov 16, 2013
    – Better support of custom options</strong>

    Version 1.4.3 - Nov 13, 2013
    – Ability to use custom options in the the rules</strong>

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    About the Developer

    This extension was developed by and is supported by Amasty

    Loyalty Program by Amasty 4.8 5 4 4
    Mandatory investment in your business We have been using this extension for almost a year and definitely see positive impact. We are selling online courses, so customers often returns for next purchase. However you, know, there is strong competition and we HAVE to impact on customer loyalty and “help” them to buy again. Personal discounts and membership rules is our way to do this. Easy set up and default shopping cart rules interface makes the maintenance process very transparent and allows to combine this module with other ecommerce best practices like points, catalog rules, event discounts or sales. In the next version I love to see messages feature like “You need just 1 more purchase to earn the gold membership” and some advanced reporting. October 20, 2014
    Complicated but effective I wasn’t expecting such functionality for this price – and this extension is VERY rich in features. You will need a day or two to set every thing up, but in the end it works perfectly. Not very simple I think, but the result is good and I like it. Lots of customer groups, rewards, coupons etc etc. October 8, 2014
    Best choice for me I used to have stock alerts for simple products. But then I needed to let customers to subscribe for configurable products. That extension helps to implement that. It's good that we can buy a quality product at an inexpensive price. I’m happy my friend recommended it to me! October 2, 2014
    My must-have extension I like the extension very much, though it wasn’t easy for me to configure it, really. But once I completed configuration, everything began to work properly. Now I can see what my customers are interested in and restock the products they need. This extension is worth every single dollar! September 30, 2014
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    I would like my customers to pay a recurring annual fee to enter my loyalty program. Is it possible with this module? What would I need to make it work?
    5 months, 4 weeks ago
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    Hello Emanuel,

    the option you've described runs well with the Loyalty Program Extension. But we recommend you to submit a support ticket with some more details about the loyalty program model you want to launch in order to get the best solution from our support specialists.

    Best regards,
    Amasty Team
    5 months, 2 weeks ago
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