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It integrates the store with Facebook and allows using all Facebook-related features on the website.
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Facebook All in One

Magento Facebook All in One is an extension to boost your Magento store with all Facebook force and power. Help your customers avoid boring registration process and let them log into your store with their Facebook accounts. Users will be able to like your products and share page blocks, populate their social news feed with the information about the products they like and want to buy, this way helping you to promote your products among greater audience. Be on top of of traditional marketing strategies and encourage your viewers to leave comments, like your pages and share their purchases with friends.

Key features:

• Facebook Login;

• Every product is supplied with Like and Share button;

• Comments available on the product page;

• Ability to share successfully completed orders;

• Recent activities block;

• Customers are able to share their wishlist;

• Likes/comments amount statistics are available for you in the admin panel.

Demo User Guide

Facebook Login allows your customers to log in to the system safely, using their Facebook accounts. The Facebook Like strengthens the impact and increases the traffic of your store. The more likes you have, the more customers you get.

Facebook-based Comments reflect the interest of your clients and give reasons to purchase to those who are uncertain.

With Facebook Share feature your customers can share successfully completed orders and wishlists with their Facebook friends.

Recent Activity block illustrates all Facebook-related activities: Posts, Likes and Shares.

Admin has a nice ability to see which products are the most liked and shared in the store.

How to configure?

Now, go to your Magento admin panel, and we will show you how to configure the extension step by step.

To view the extension settings, go to System -> Configuration -> Facebook All in One.

The module has a bunch of settings which need your attention to configure:

General Settings

In this section you need to enter your Facebook Application Id and Secret key codes which Facebook has generated for your website.

You can also create and upload your original login button which will be used on your website to let customers sing into your website with their Facebook accounts.

Facebook all in one

Like button

This option lets your customers like products and goods that are located in your store, so that their friends can read about them in Facebook activities stream.

Enabled – select this box to activate the Like button;

Action type – choose the type of action the module will perform when the Like button is clicked;

Show faces – display profile pictures of the users, who like goods and products on your store;

Layout – choose button style;

Color Scheme – choose color scheme for the button;

Width – set button width (in pixels).

Facebook all in one

Send button

This option lets users send information about products and items to their Facebook friends.

Enabled – select this box to activate the button;

Color scheme – choose color scheme;

Font – choose button text font.

Facebook all in one

Comment button

This button allows people to leave comments to any products and goods on your website by using their Facebook accounts.

Enabled – select this box to activate the button;

Color scheme – choose color scheme;

Number of posts – the number of posts which will be showed by default;

Width – the width of the plugin.

Facebook all in one


Acivity feed shows the most recent activities which have been performed by other users via Like and other Facebook buttons.

Enabled – select this box to activate the button;

Height – set block height (in pixels);

Width – set block width (in pixels);

Show header – select Yes if you wish to display the header of the Recent Activities block;

Color Scheme – select the color scheme of the block;

Font – choose font;

Add recommendations – enable this option if you wish to add recommendations to the block;

Max age – Define the maximum time period of activities being shown.

Facebook all in one

Recommendations feed

This feature shows most recommended content of your website based on users’ actions, such as likes and shares etc.

Enabled – select this box to activate the button;

Domain – enter the domain name for which to show activity;

Actions to show – specify types of actions, separated by commens, which should be displayed in the activity feed;

Height – set button height (in pixels);

Width – set button width (in pixels);

Maximum age – limit the created time of articles that are shown in the feed;

Show header – show the "Recent Activity" header above the feed. Values are "true" or "false".


This option lets your customers share via Facebook the items, which they have added to their wishlist.

Enable – select Enable to switch on the option;

Description – enter the text which will be used by default for sharing on Facebook.

Facebook all in one


This option lets your customers share ordered items.

Enable – select Enable to switch on the option;

Description – enter the text which will be used by default for sharing on Facebook.

Once you are ready with the settings click Save and let your start enjoying all features which the Facebook All in One module provides for your website.

Facebook all in one

How to Use?

It’s time to get acquainted with Facebook All in One features and the way customers may use them. We will visually review extension options and activities related to them. Eventually you will be able to see how your users’ actions are mirrored on Facebook.

Customers will be able to register and log into your website right with their Facebook accounts. No additional actions or sign up registrations are required.

Facebook all in one

As soon as a user registers with his Facebook account, the link to his Facebook profile is added and displayed right in the list of available customers in your Magento administration panel.

Facebook all in one

Moreover, detailed information about customer’s Facebook activities (about likes and shares that were left by this customer on your store) is available in the Customer Information section in your admin panel.

Facebook all in one

Similar, you can view the statistics about how many times a certain product was liked or commented right in your product settings.

Facebook all in one

Once the module is installed and enabled the Facebook Like and Send buttons are activated and available for all products in your web-store, so customers can Like and Share with their friends whatever product their like or find interesting, thus, bringing you more traffic and visitors.

Facebook all in one

Moreover, customers can comment and leave their impressions about any item they want.

Activity and Recommendations streams are also connected to your store and show all related activities, performed by other users, such as likes, shares and recommendations.

Facebook all in one

Each user is also able to share his wishlist and orders with a just single click.

Facebook all in one

Facebook all in one

Demo User Guide


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Release Notes

Connects your store to facebook and allows you to use all possible facebook related features on your store.

2011-10-10 20:43:51
  • Version number: 1.0.1
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6

Facebook All In One is the newest version of Facebook Connect magento extension that allows you to use a huge number of facebook features on your store

The main features that the extension enables are:

  • Facebook Login
  • Like
  • Share
  • Comment on product page
  • Send to friends
  • Recent activity
  • Recommendations

 Facebook Login allows your customers to safely log into the system using nothing more but their facebook accounts. Easy enough this highly improves the registration rate for the stores.

The Facebook Like button is a feature, no store now can live without. The more likes you have the more customers you have. The feature allows you to enable the configurable login button  for all products in your store.

The Send to Friends feature is a new one. It works almost as a like, but allows you to send a direct message to an email, contact or group of your facebook contacts.

Facebook based Comments system is a valuable feature for any store, as a positive comment greatly increases the sales rate for a certain product.

Share feature is a double one, as you can share your wishlist or the completed order on facebook

Recent activity block is a new social plugin, that we have just implemented. Connected to your store it shows all related activities: Posts, Likes and Recommendations.

All features are separately customizable and adjustable, including sizes, fonts and buttons.

See screenshot section for more details. Visit our demo store to check all features yourself.


About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by BelVG

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