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This extension allows you to use free GeoIP Lite database by MaxMind with your Magento installation.
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This extension allows you to use free GeoIP Lite database by MaxMind with your Magento installation.


Just copy all files to your Magento installation respecting directory structure. Make sure your `var` directory is writable by web-server user (by default it should be). If you want GeoIP database to be updated automatically make sure your Magento cron-job is set up and running. Logging out and in is not required.


After installation a new field will be added to System\Configuration\General\General\Countries Options group indicating the date of last database update and the button to force synchronization. Note that frequent synchronizations will result you being banned at MaxMind server for several hours. MaxMind GeoIP Lite database is updated on first Thursday of the month so if you have have Magento cron-job running you will not need to force synchronization anymore but on the first run.


This extension only adds MaxMind GeoIP Lite database to your Magento installation and maintains its updates. It desn't do anything else out of the box (yet). However if comes with a set of methods you can implement in your template or extension. See usage examples here.

Please note that `geoip/country` is initialized at each Magento load so in order to save system resources please always use it as a singleton.

The list of allowed countries is initially populated from System\Configuration\General\General\Countries Options\Allowed Countries multi-select field of your Magento configuration. The `addAllowedCountry` method is not adding country to system configuration but adds it to internal list extension uses for `isCountryAllowed` method.


Latest source code of the extension can be browsed at Github. Here is the repository. Pull requests are always welcomed.


Thanks a lot to MaxMind for providing a free database. Additionally this extension partly uses the code from MaxMind GeoIP PHP API.

Release Notes

Initial Release

2012-08-14 07:52:49
  • Version number: 0.1.0
  • Stability: Stable
  • Compatibility: 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7
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Magento Connect 1.0 change

Initial Release.

About the Developer

This extension was developed by and is supported by openstream

GeoIP 3.8 5 14 14
Pay attenction to a problem in admin After installing this extension you can have problems with the "Index Management" page on admin panel. The page don't show and you see a blank page. As described here Modify app/code/community/Openstream/GeoIP/etc/config.xml <adminhtml> <layout> <updates> <index> <geoip> <file>openstream/geoip.xml</file> </geoip> </index> </updates> </layout> </adminhtml> July 9, 2014
Almost working! Installed the .dat file manually as suggested by other people and now it work - however I am trying to follow the example code but cannot get it to work properly. I am trying to display the country code for the IP address in the customer orders in Admin - if I use the following in template/sales/order/view/info.phtml: <?php $geoIP = Mage::getSingleton('geoip/country'); echo $geoIP->getCountry();?> I get the country code for my IP displayed. But if I use (from the examples on Github): <?php $geoIP = Mage::getSingleton('geoip/country'); echo $geoIP->getCountryByIp('');?> I get an error: <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined method Openstream_GeoIP_Model_Country::getCountryByIp() in <b>/public_html/app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/sales/order/view/info.phtml</b> on line <b>89</b><br /> Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong? Thanks June 3, 2014
Small issue with Index Management Nice, Just make sure you're not overwriting magento's core index module adminhtml layout updates, using 'index' for your module, where 'geoip' would be a much better choice and more 'self speaking'. January 15, 2014
excellent extension its working fine. only problem i had was syncing the database, i have downloaded and manually place it in var/geoip followed this tut to redirect visitors to a specific store by their ip using this extension and works like a charm November 23, 2013
Very useful extension It does exactly what it's advertised. However, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration: 1. I needed to manually upload the file GeoIP.dat into /var/geoip 2. If your server is behind a reverse proxy / varnish server / etc, you need to manually make the code that handles this. I performed a check for HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR header, and if it wasn't set, I checked REMOTE_ADDR Other than these minor kinks that are easily fixed, and are not really the issues from the developers, the extension works as intended. Also, for "perfectionists", the extension does not give 100% accurate results for various reasons (1 - it's free, the paid version is more accurate, 2 - IP spoofing is so easy, 3 - there are free proxies). Thank you for the extension! October 8, 2013
Could be useful, but not working as-is Backend (AJAX) sync not working (with Magento index.php/admin/geoip/process/synchronize/key/.../?isAjax=true returns 404, This URL is not properly registered. Solution - in app/code/community/Openstream/GeoIP/etc/config.xml replace: <frontend> <routers> <geoip> <use>standard</use> <args> <module>Openstream_GeoIP</module> <frontName>geoip</frontName> </args> </geoip> </routers> </frontend> with: <admin> <routers> <geoip> <use>admin</use> <args> <module>Openstream_GeoIP</module> <frontName>geoip</frontName> </args> </geoip> </routers> </admin> Cron updated working neither, but might be misconfiguration on my side. Additional hint: GeoLiteCountry URL is now Recommended to use that in app/code/community/Openstream/GeoIP/Model/Abstract.php (or better make it configurable in backend). Also cron_expr should be '0 0 8 * *'. September 18, 2013
Amazing Very usefull extension. save me a lt of time. Thanks for developer!! September 17, 2013
Disable compilation / cache / JS & CSS merge etc before complaining @gyanugyan, You're getting this error because you didn't disable the compilation. Try not to give 1 Star to FREE extensions, it doesn't make any sense! This extension saved me a lot of time & updates are a breeze. Thanks to the developer. Oh, I'm not affiliate to anyone here. July 12, 2013
Great Extension!!! Great Extension!!! working perfect in version community June 25, 2013
Works Installed on, Logged in, went to country settings, updated the database and it works! June 14, 2013
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IS it compatible with magneto 1.8.1 as well?

I am using 1.8.1 but when I try to synchronize then its start loading and loading and after waiting 10 mints it still 0%...
5 months ago
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